[Cancelled]Fly Wherever With Tailwinds Flying Club 2 @ KIAH - 070300ZJAN18

Server: Training

Region: [Insert Random Region]

Airport: KIAH

Time: 0300Z (10:00PM EST Next Day)

NOTAM: Join Tailwinds Fluing Club for another “Fly Wherever” event! For this edition, we will be flying out of KIAH. Please spawn in at your assigned gate no later than 5 minuets before departure.

Aircraft: Since KIAH is a major hub for United/Continental airlines, any United Airlines/Continental aircraft will be accepted.


We will be using Gates D1-D12 at KIAH.
Gate D1: @Javian_J
Gate D2: @DiamondGaming4
Gate D3:
Gate D5:
Gate D6:
Gate D7:
Gate D8:
Gate D9:
Gate D10:
Gate D11:
Gate D12:


KIAH Tower: @Ishan_S
KIAH Ground: @Mickell_Augustine

Flight Info

Runways: 15L, 15R
VS after takeoff: 3000 fpm
VS 10,000ft-18,000ft: 2500 fpm
VS 18,000ft-26,000ft: 1800 fpm
VS 26,000ft-Cruise: 1000 fpm
Speed After takeoff: 200 kn
Speed 3,000ft-10,000ft: 248 kn
Speed 10,000ft-18,000ft: 270 kn
Speed 18,000-Cruise: 348 kn
Cruise and decent will vary depending on the route you choose.

Route Suggestions

Short Haul:

Long Haul:

This Event is Hosted By
Tailwinds Flying Club


Who We Are

We are a group not passionate IF pilots who hold events to fly together and to get to know the community.

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Tailwinds Flying Club "Flying Farther, Together." (Still Recruiting!) (New Aircraft in Fleet!)


Hello I would like to be tower

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Hi, I would like to be ground.

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You got it! I’ll put you down!

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I just now realized that the date was wrong 😂

You think 😂😂😂😂😂…

What date is this set for?

January 18th…

7th. The format is DDZZZZMMMYY

I still don’t understand why they have it that way 😐

I’ll like a gate please

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Roger that! Check above for your assignment!

Due to the lack of participants, this event has been cancelled.
*The latest TFC event link is below if you would like to join us! It is the same date and time as this event. Regards,
@DiamondGaming4, TFC Flight Planner

Let’s get back to expert! @ KDEN - 070300ZJAN18

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