Cancelled - Fishing Trip @ YPAD - X

A Dash of a Fishing Trip!
Hosted by @CaptainDoomBox

Server: Casual

Region: South Australia

Airport: YPAD

Time: 7:30am UTC 6pm ACDT

Aircraft: Dash 8 Q400 - Any Livery OR your choice of GA Aircraft

NOTAM: We will fly out from Adelaide to Port Lincoln in the Dash of any livery or a General Aviation Aircraft! We will make a full stop in Port Lincoln YPLC. FLIGHT PLAN OF YOUR CHOICE. You may choose to return to Adelaide but that’s out of the event!


50A: @CaptainDoomBox
50B: @euroflyer
50C: @Oli_H

General Aviation:
1 - 14
Ask for sign up!


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I might be able to join. what day?

Today, ha ha… I can shift it to another day though.

Because we all have busy lives: School, work etc. You might not get many people because they don’t know when it is. I want to sign up but I must know when so I can make it. :)

he has a point. I would go if its in GMT time though hopefully fun!

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I’m sorry, maybe I missed something, but shouldn’t this be in #live:events?

@dush19 moved it to live as it is postponed before @Kevin_Potthast switched it to live events.

0900 ZULU? 8pm AEST.

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Which day? That’s crucial information

Today or Tomorrow? Your choice.

Can’t make it either

hi can i have a gate??

I’ll give you gate 50B and I’ll update the event details tomorrow as this is on hold.

Can I have a gate mate?

Sure! 50C will serve you nicely!

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ok please can you comment details when you know any info please thanks!

Is this alright? Change these times to be more friendly for the Aussie Pilots.

why did you cancel the event?

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