[Cancelled]End of school flyout! @KSFO 221400ZJUN19

,.Server: Training

Airport: KSFO

Time 2019-06-22T14:00:00Z2019-06-23T02:30:00Z (This will convert to your time zone)

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Gate assignments

Terminal 1

Delta Domestic
Gate 40 737-900 to KATL
Gate 41 757-200 to KBOS
Gate 42 737-900 to KCVG
Gate 43 737-900 to KDTW
Gate 44 717-200 to KLAX
Gate 45 737-900 to KMSP
Gate 46 757-200 to KJFK
Gate 47 757-200 to KJFK
Gate 48 A319 to KSEA
Gate 20 737-800 KLAS
Gate 21 737-800 KSAN
Gate 22 737-800 KLAX @anon82246052
Gate 23 737-800 KDAL
Gate 24 737-800 KPHX @Sashaz55

Gate 25 A320 to KATL
Gate 26 A320 to KDEN
Gate 27 A320 to KCVG
Gate 28 A320 to KDSM

Terminal 2

Gate 50 737-800 to KORD
Gate 51 737-800 to KMIA
Gate 52 787-8 to KDFW
Gate 53 A321 to KCLT
American Eagle:
Gate 54 E175 to KLAX (use US airways)
Gate 55 E175 to KLAX ( use US airways) @A350iscool
Gate 56 CRJ200 to KPSP
Gate 57 E175 to KPAE (use generic)
Gate 58 737-900 to KBWI
Gate 59 A320 to MMSD

Terminal 3

United Domestic:
Gate 60 A319 to KAUS
Gate 61 A319 to KAUS
Gate 62 A320 to KMFR
Gate 63 737-900 to PHNL
Gate 64 737-900 to KIAD
Gate 65 737-900 to KIAD
Gate 66 A319 to KPIT
Gate 67 757-200 to KEWR
Gate 68 787-10 to KEWR @Lufthansa2
Gate 69 737-900 to PHKO
Gate 70 A320 to KMSY
Gate 71 737-800 to KMCO
Gate 72 CRJ 200 to KBUR
Gate 73 A320 to KPHL
Gate 74 CRJ 200 to KGEG
Gate 75 CRJ 200 to KTUS
Gate 76 737-900 to KSEA
Gate 77 CRJ 700 to KSLC
Gate 78 CRJ 700 to KDFW
Gate 79 A320 to KPHL

International terminal

International terminal

G91 Philippines 777 to RJLL
G92 Air New Zealand 777-300ER to NZAA
G93 Aeromexico 737-800 to MMMX
G94 Air India 777-200LR to VIDP
G95 Air France A380 to LFPG
G96 United 787-8 to ZUUU
G97 United 787-8 to RKSI
G98 United 737-900 to MMPR



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About KSFO https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Francisco_International_Airport

Thanks for attending!


I’ll take Gate 22!

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signed you up @anon82246052

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Just to let you know, there is already a last day of school flyout close to the same day as yours.


That flight is on the 22nd. This one is on the 21st

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oh @Niccckk I think I will change it to the 26th if that’s ok with you because that is NYC schools last day

oh image credit http://sunriseshuttle.com/

Ok date change sign up please

From SFO to where?

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what do you mean its a flyout not a group flight

Ok thx but I can put join

Only one gate taken sign up

If you could change Gate 68 to a 78X like they do real life, count me in! I would love to join!

Haha in NJ they end on the 19th lol

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Sure my bad tried to make everything as real as possible but some things got messed up will sign you up @Lufthansa2

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Hello! I will have gate 55. And also I have a question if I could pm you.

Signed you up @A350iscool and yes you can PM me

Still gates available will be canceled if nobody signs up

DATE CHANGE tell me if you can’t attend

I’ll take G91. but can I Have 777 to RPLL?