{CANCELLED} Emirates VA Celebrates The CRJ @ OMDB - 162000ZJUN18

Hello Community,

We are here to announce our latest event, using our newest aircraft in our fleet, the CRJ-70!. We will be doing OMDB to OOMS which is one of Emirates shortest routes in their airline. So we will depart from hot and sunny Dubai heading over the man-made islands and one of the top hotels in the world to heading right over the beautiful Oman Sea before turning into final to Muscat International after this very short flight

Server: Training Server

Aircraft: CRJ-700 (Generic Livery)

Airport: OMDB [Dubai International]

Date: 16th June 2018

Time: 20:00Z
Check your time conversion here! Yes we know there is a time feature for the forum

  • Please spawn in 10 mins before departure

  • Please use aircraft said and callsign that is given

  • Follow all ATC instructions

  • Obey all instructions and rules give by Emirates Staff

Flight Plan:

Flight Details

Can be Copied off of @ADDY28 or any other staff member
Flight Time: 1hr 10mins
Distance: 303NM
Fuel Needed: 3901 LBS
Departure Runway: 30R
Arrival Runway: 26R
Climb Details:
Climb to FL100 V/S 2000 Speed: 220knots
Climb to FL220 V/S 2200 Speed: 330knots
Climb to FL320 V/S 2200 Speed: Mach.86
Descent 40mins out
Descend to FL220 V/S -1000 Speed:330knot
Descend to FL120 V/S -1100 Speed:320knot
Descend to FL80 V/S -1100 Speed: 220knot
Rest of descent is at your discretion


Gate Assignments are below please use this format
[Gate wanted] [Callsign you are using]
Gate G21: @indraniel (Callsign :IFF99)
Gate G20
Gate G19
Gate G18
Gate G17
Gate G16
Gate G15
More gates will be added in needed

Callsign will be yours but must start with Emirates and must be appropriate
OMDB Ground: @ADDY28
OMDB Tower: @ADDY28

OOMS Ground: @ADDY28
OOMS Tower: @ADDY28

OOMS Approach

Please stay afterward for pictures
Emirates Virtual is not responsible for any violations that may take place

Come and join Emirates VA

After looking at this event, and attending, this of applying to Emirates Virtual, with staff available around the clock 24/7, and fun internal flights between members, we offer a bunch of different, fun and exciting things for our pilots, including our Birthday Bash, which allows you to fly on whatever aircraft, and get +2 hours onto your name!
Emirates IFC Thread
Emirates Application


Might need a touch up on the spelling…

“Welcome to Emriates…”


We apologise for the misspelling. We are working to fix all spelling errors

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While we try and maintain the upmost standardsfor our thread’s, spelling mistakes are likely, thanks for pointing them out


I wouldn’t mind joining a gate please
Callsign :IFF99

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You’ve been signed up


Ek 01,could you send me a reminder?

No need to have posh language, I fully understand your consequences…


for those people who don’t understand, it’s ironic


We have decided to cancel this event, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Hi there! I would like to join the event. [Gate wanted: G17] [Callsign: Emirates 999]

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@Olivier999 this event has been cancelled

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