[Cancelled] EGLL-KSFO ~ Long-Hauler flight (Will record) @EGLL - 170400ZJAN20

                              EGLL-KSFO (long-hauling it!)
  • Aircraft and Livery: British Airways A380 or B747-4, Virgin Atlantic B787-9, United B777-200ER

  • Route: EGLL-KSFO

  • Time of Departure: 2020-01-17T04:00:00Z

  • Server: Expert Server

  • Additional Information: Just for fun.

Let me know if you’re joining. I can add to PM for flight plan details.

Flight will be recorded.

@imyash_sharma, as you had asked me to notify you…

@Infinite_flight_play, @LeonardIF18, @simon_botero, joining in today?

@ran your title has a bit of a formatting issue. The departure airport needs to be in the title.

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Already got plans thanks

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Oops, sorry about that, it’s EGLL…

Which flight you flying?

Attention everyone! I have switched the destination to KSFO and takeoff from EGLL.

I’m not flying I just at restaurants right now until 10pm

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oh ok, sorry about that… enjoy your dinner :)

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It birthdays celebrate for my friend

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Would anyone else like to join? We will depart in 30 minutes!

Please let me know if you are joining!

Well, since nobody plans to join, I guess I’ll not be flying this route today :(

maybe a different route today…

I can but later at 1.30 my time

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What is your time 1:30?

South african time

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Yep, that’s not going to work… it’s 3:30 AM for me then

Oof i can join ur flight tommorow morning since its the weekend

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I can fly Saturday night or Sunday morning… we can discuss this on slack if needed.

I anyways plan to fly Frankfurt to Toronto-Pearson now…

We can plan another one tommorow if you want

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