[CANCELLED] easyJet Virtual | Bringing you Europe Vol 1 @ Paphos Int [LCPH] | 291800ZSEP18

Event Cancelled. See you guys later


Put me down for a gate

Right I’m guessing you got this from SimBrief or FPLtoIF.com! This is not a realistic descent rate. The maximum rate you should descend at -2000ft/min.

Sorry I can’t come since I have school!

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@easyJetVA This is quite off-topic, but i’m pointing out a mistake in the title: “easyJet Virutal

I can’t come. Plus if you keep setting these times i won’t ever be able to join

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Thank you for pointing it out! It was indeed from Simbrief, I’ll be looking to change it!

Thank you for your comment on our timings but our timings are based on your pilots who are active within our Virtual Airline!

Put me down for Stand 3 or 4 Any you choose please.

Stand 3 has been assigned to you!

You have school on a Saturday? That sucks, hopefully you can join another one of our events!

I can come. Can you please book me a gate? My callsign is EZY 474

Put me down for a stand.

Stand 4 for you! Glad to see you at the event!

Well yes flight school (training school). Im training to fly the SR22 for my PPL

Stand 5 for you! See you at the event!

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Oh wow! Good luck with it all! Safe flying!

Plz put me down for a gate I am EZY351

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Stand 6 is yours! See you at the event

Who told you that ?

I know by sure (thanks @ElCapitan) that airliners aren’t restricted at -2000ft/min
What simbrief said is absolutely correct.

I can make it so put me down for a gate

See you at the event, Stand 7 is yours!