[Cancelled due to lack of interest] A Huge Flyout event Vol.1 | Amsterdam @ EHAM - 161700ZFEB19



About this Event: This new event is being held at EHAM, and for anyone that didn’t participate at my last events, I try to make those events as realistic, organized and professional as possible. I do not do them on the training server because those events could be a mess if almost all of the airport is full. If the event is covered by IFATC, it would be great, but if not, please use UNICOM wisely.

This airport flyout event is also the first of a new series I created. Every month, I will make 2 events: One that is from an international airport, and another one from a domestic or a not very well known airport.

About the airport: Amsterdam Schiphol is the main international airport of the Netherlands and it’s also KLM’s main hub. I chose to do my event at this airport because I barely see any events that are at EHAM on the IFC.

Event important information:

–> Server: Expert Server
–> Region: Europe
–> Airport: EHAM - Amsterdam Schiphol
–> Time: Saturday, February 16, 2019 5:00 PM


–> Please remain professional at all time
–> Spawn at your gate at least 15 minutes before the event
–> If there is a route you would like to fly but that’s not already written, you can ask me and may add it.

To join this event, please include the following information in the format shown below or else I won’t take it into consideration. Thank you.

(Aircraft) (Airline) (Callsign) (Route)



Concourse A

Concourse A

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Remote Stand A31 Transavia
Remote Stand A32 Transavia
Remote Stand A33 Transavia
Remote Stand A34 Transavia
Remote Stand A35 Transavia
Remote Stand A41 KLM
Remote Stand A42 KLM
Remote Stand A43 KLM
Remote Stand A44 KLM
Remote Stand A45 KLM
Remote Stand A46 KLM
Remote Stand A51 KLM
Remote Stand A52 KLM
Remote Stand A53 KLM
Remote Stand A54 KLM
Remote Stand A55 KLM
Remote Stand A56 KLM
Remote Stand A61 KLM
Remote Stand A62 KLM
Remote Stand A63 KLM
Remote Stand A64 KLM
Remote Stand A65 KLM
Remote Stand A71 KLM
Remote Stand A72 KLM
Remote Stand A73 KLM
Remote Stand A74 KLM
Remote Stand A75 KLM
Remote Stand A76 KLM
Concourse B

Concourse B

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Remote Stand B71 Transavia
Remote Stand B72 Transavia
Remote Stand B73 Vueling EHAM-LIRQ A320
Remote Stand B74 Transavia
Remote Stand B75 Vueling EHAM-LPPR A320
Remote Stand B76 Vueling EHAM-LEBB A320
Remote Stand B81 Transavia
Remote Stand B82 Transavia
Remote Stand B83 TUI Fly Netherlands
Remote Stand B84 Vueling EHAM-LEBL A320
Remote Stand B85 TUI Fly Netherlands
Remote Stand B91 TUI Fly Netherlands
Remote Stand B92 Vueling EHAM-LEAL A320
Remote Stand B93 TAP Portugal EHAM-LPPT A319
Remote Stand B94 Ait Baltic EHAM-EETN Dash 8 Q400
Remote Stand B95 AirBaltic EHAM-EVRA Dash 8 Q400
Gate B13 Finnair EHAM-EFHK A321
Gate B15 Austrian Airlines EHAM-LOWW A321
Gate B16 KLM
Gate B17 Lufthansa EHAM-EDDM A319
Gate B20 @Sebastian9915 KLM EHAM-LSZH 737-800
Gate B23 TUI Fly Netherlands
Gate B24 KLM
Gate B27 Lufthansa EHAM-EDDF A320
Gate B28 KLM
Gate B31 KLM
Gate B32 KLM
Gate B35 KLM
Gate B36 KLM
Concourse C

Concourse C

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Gate C4 Eurowings EHAM-EDDH A319
Gate C5 Air France EHAM-LFPG A320
Gate C6 Icelandair EHAM-BIKF 757-200
Gate C7 Air France EHAM-LFRS A319
Gate C9 Qatar Airways EHAM-OTHH 787-8
Gate C10 Alitalia EHAM-LIML A321
Gate C11 Alitalia EHAM-LIRF A321
Gate C12 Air Europa EHAM-LEMD E-195
Gate C13 TUI Fly Netherlands
Gate C14 TUI Fly Netherlands
Gate C15 Transavia
Gate C16 TUI Fly Netherlands
Gate C18 Transavia
Concourse D

Concourse D

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Gate D2 United Airlines EHAM-KORD 767-300
Gate D3 @Blue_Diamond196 KLM EHAM-LPPT 737-800
Gate D4 KLM
Gate D5 KLM
Gate D7 KLM
Gate D8 KLM
Gate D10 KLM
Gate D12 KLM
Gate D14 KLM
Gate D16 KLM
Gate D18 KLM
Gate D22 KLM
Gate D23 KLM
Gate D24 KLM
Gate D25 Swiss International Airlines EHAM-LSZH A321
Gate D26 British Airways EHAM-EGKK A320
Gate D27 @Noam_Bechhofer (BAVA147) British Airways EHAM-EGLL A320
Gate D28 Croatia Airlines EHAM-LDZA A319
Gate D29 Aer Lingus EHAM-EIDW A320
Gate D31 Norwegian Air Shuttle EHAM-EKCH 737-800
Gate D41 Aer Lingus EHAM-EICK A320
Gate D43 @Luke_Sta Delta Airlines EHAM-KDTW 767-300
Gate D44 Delta Airlines EHAM-KMCO 767-300
Gate D47 @ItzEhs Norwegian Air Shuttle EHAM-ENGM 737-800
Gate D48 Royal Air Maroc EHAM-GMMN 737-800
Gate D49 KLM
Gate D51 KLM
Gate D52 KLM
Gate D53 KLM
Gate D54 KLM
Gate D55 KLM
Gate D56 KLM
Gate D57A LOT Polish Airlines EHAM-EPWA E-170
Remote Apron D88 HOP! EHAM-LFLC CRJ-700
Remote Apron D90 Belavia EHAM-UMMS CRJ-200
Remote Apron D92 British Airways EHAM-EGLC E-190
Remote Apron D93 FlyBe EHAM-EGBB Dash 8 Q400
Remote Apron D94 Iberia Express EHAM-LEMD CRJ-1000
Remote Apron D95 Flybe EHAM-EGHI Dash 8 Q400
Concourse E

Concourse E

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Gate E2 Xiamen Air EHAM-ZSAM
Gate E3 KLM
Gate E4 KLM
Gate E5
Gate E6 Delta Airlines EHAM-KBOS A330-300
Gate E7 KLM
Gate E8 KLM
Gate E9 Delta Airlines EHAM-KATL A330-300
Gate E17 KLM
Gate E18 KLM
Gate E19 KLM
Gate E20 Delta Airlines EHAM-KDTW A330-300
Gate E22 KLM
Gate E24 Etihad Airways EHAM-OMAA 777-300er
Remote Apron E72 Turkish Airlines EHAM-LTBA 777-300er
Remote Apron E75 KLM
Remote Apron E77 KLM
Concourse F

Concourse F

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Gate F3 Aeromexico EHAM-MMMX 787-8
Gate F4 China Southern EHAM-ZBAA 787-8
Gate F5 Kenya Airways EHAM-HKJK 787-8
Gate F6 China Airlines EHAM-RCTP 777-300er
Gate F7 Korean Air EHAM-RKSI A330-300
Gate F8 @ClarenceTheAvgeek KLM EHAM-KATL 787
Gate F9 @JeromeJ KLM EHAM-WMKK 777-200er
Concourse G

Concourse G

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Gate G2 Air Canada EHAM-CYYZ A330-300
Gate G3 Singapore Airlines EHAM-WSSS 787-10
Gate G4 Garuda Indonesia EHAM-WIII 777-300er
Gate G5 EVA Air EHAM-VTBS 787-10
Gate G6 Emirates Airlines EHAM-OMDB A380
Gate G7 Cathay Pacific EHAM-VHHH 777-300er
Gate G8 American Airlines EHAM-KPHL 767-300
Remote Apron G71 Aeroflot EHAM-UUEE A320
Remote Apron G73 EgyptAir EHAM-HECA 737-800
Remote Apron G76 El AI EHAM-LLBG 787-10
Remote Apron G79 United Airlines EHAM-KIAH 777-200er
Concourse H

Concourse H

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Gate H1 EasyJet
Gate H2 WOW Air EHAM-BIKF A320
Gate H3 Ryanair EHAM-EIDW 737-800
Gate H4 Ryanair EHAM-MELG 737-800
Gate H5 EasyJet
Gate H6 EasyJet
Gate H7 EasyJet
Concourse J and P

Concourse J and P

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Gate P10 EasyJet
Gate P11 EasyJet
Gate P12 EasyJet
Gate P13 EasyJet
Gate P14 EasyJet
Gate P15 EasyJet
Gate P16 TUI Fly Netherlands
Gate J80 TUI Fly Netherlands
Gate J81 Transavia
Gate J82 Transavia
Gate J83 TUI Fly Netherlands
Gate J84 Transavia
Gate J85 Transavia
Gate J86 TUI Fly Netherlands
Gate J87 Transavia
Concourse M

Concourse M

Gate Attendant Airline Route Aircraft
Apron M61 Adria Airways EHAM-LJLJ CRJ-700
Apron M62 Transavia
Apron M63 Transavia
Apron M65 KLM
Apron M66 TUI Fly Netherlands
Apron M67 KLM
Apron M69 KLM
Apron M70 TUI Fly Netherlands
Apron M71 KLM
Apron M73 TUI Fly Netherlands
Apron M74 KLM
Apron M75 Transavia
Apron M77 Transavia
Apron M79 Transavia

NOTE: For the KLM, Transavia, TUI, and EasyJet flights, you get to choose your aircraft and your route. But please remember that it has to be a real route flown by the airline or else I won’t add it. Thank you!

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0 voters

Can i get gate F6 with China Airlines to RCTP with the 777-300ER

Can I have Gate F8 in a KLM 787 from EHAM to KATL?

@ClarenceTheAvgeek @Matthew_20204 I added you to the event.

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E5 to Dulles Int’l, 787-9

@Delta319 I added you to the event!

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I’ll take Gate B20 for the route EHAM-LSZH with the 737 pls

@Sebastian9915 I added you to the event! Thank you for participating.

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I will take D43 please. See you there!

I’ll take F9 in a 772 to Kuala Lumpur (WMKK)

@JeromeJ @Luke_Sta I added you to the event! See you there!


Something has popped up that will not allow me to attend the event any longer. i will have to withdraw. sorry

Sorry can’t attend my event is on the same day so can you please remove me

I will take D83 to LIS KLM B737-800 KLM 1697

Hello! But there is no gate D83

I will then take D2 please.

I added you to the event! You got gate D3!

Can I have this gate

Thanks for participating! I added you!

A320 British Airways BAVA147 EHAM-EGLL