[Cancelled due to lack of attendees] to go to Tokyo @ KLAX - 172100ZFEB18

Server: Training

Region: Mayday mayday I need help to get to the shop

Airport: KLAX

Time: 2100Z

Flight time: about 11hrs

NOTAM: Please only come in a Delta A330, please spawn in at you allocate gates, and be respectful and most of all have FUN!

Flight info

Cruising altitude


Takeoff speed


Cruising speed

M0.83 or M0.81




2 degrees

Copy from me.

The gates:
Gate 23 terminal 2 @Goran12
Gate 25 terminal 2 @DiamondGaming4
Gate 27 terminal 2
Gate 28 terminal 2
Gate 26 terminal 2
Gate 123A TBIT
Gate 133 TBIT
Gate 131 TBIT

I do apologise for the gates at the TBIT (Tom Bradley International Terminal) but no worries the taxi is not too far.

I’d like a gate please

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I would recommend lower as that is right at the border of violations


Also, the cruise speed of an A330 is usually M.81-M.83


Might wanna switch this to events 👍

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Sure gate 25 a terminal 2 is yours.

Sure sorry thanks for the help.

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What do you mean @Marshall_Hilfman?

You switched it good job 🤪

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Oh okay thanks so would you be interested in joining?

Hey @Daniel14 would you like to join?

Nope would land at midnight for me, so can’t I’m sorry

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Ah don’t be sorry we have lives to get on with this.

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I would come, but I would use an ANA 781, but good luck and hope that your game doesn’t crash!

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Hi! I would love to join but unfortunately the airport fill up is in the way

Could you change the time maybe to 0400Z?
Thanks and happy flying!

You actually have to go above 260 to get violation unless massive gusts should be complete fine

So are you coming or not?

Slap a negative on that one

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So ya are coming right?

Mate negative means no

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