*CANCELLED* Dogfight In The Pacific! @ KNUC - 151830ZSEP18 - SPACES LIMITED

If this event thread seems familiar, that’s because its identical to one posted by @Captain-Cade moments ago before being shut down due to insufficient trust level. I like well organised aerial combat events and I have decided to assist with the smooth running of this event.

Bring a wingman with you to participate in an aerial dogfight over the Pacific Ocean! Spots are not limited! This event will be EXTREMELY fun! Sign Up!


Time : Saturday, September 1st, 1830Z
Aircraft : Any Fighter Jet
Server : Expert


Flying From KNUC To 100nm West To The Pacific. (Aerial Refueling Needed, PM if you can)
After we are all refueled, we will all break, and commence the dogfight!

Flying Out:

  1. Wingmen, Fly on the right wing Of flight lead, who will be flying in formation with the tanker. Stay on his wing until the break. You can leave his wing after the announcement to start is made.

  2. You CAN Refuel When Flying Out.

Rules Of The dogfight:


  1. If an enemy within 1 NM has you on their FPV (Flight Path Vector) For 3 Seconds, they have radar lock, in which case they can choose to fire (FOX-1). Screenshots must be taken as evidence.


  1. You can deploy one flare, THATS IT . If you deploy it, and you get fired at again, and your wingman is near you, he can use his flare for you. After that, you “die” if you get fired at again, and must disengage.


  1. After you die, form up on a tanker, who will be circling around counting everyone’s flares, who’s alive, and ultimately, who wins. Once a winning squad is decided, we will all fly back, the tanker distributing fuel.


Fast Jets - No more than two pairs for each aircraft.


Team 1


Team 2



Team 1

  1. @SterlingArcher

Team 2



Team 1


Team 2



Team 1

  1. @Captain-Cade
  2. @David_Beckett

Team 2

  1. @Humberto
  2. @josh_suarez

Tankers - At least three required, maximum of eight.


  1. @OwenKreisler
  2. @David_Madriz
  3. @Darpan
  4. @Aceorbit
  5. @George_Flack
  7. @Jlittle231
  8. @2003iggy

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact either @Captain-Cade or myself.

More Info Will Be Added Soon


Looks fun but can’t make it

One additional thing, a discord will be set up with all participants


I don’t think that’s allowed. There has been a bad history with the use of discord in the past. So we’ll see what the mods think but if I’m not mistaken it isn’t allowed.

True but that event was a very big event. I don’t know maybe you can.

Would be nice but not everyone has discord so idk how this event would turn out

Here are some specs I just got on all the planes

Jet Limits : TS- Top Speed, G- Gs the Jet Can maintain while keeping a certain speed


TS: 1050 IAS @39% Fuel

G: 10.4 @300 IAS, 39% Fuel


TS: 1300 IAS @39% Fuel

G: 6 @300 IAS, 39% Fuel


TS: 1700 IAS @39% Fuel

G: 7.8 @300 IAS, 39% Fuel


TS: 1450 IAS @39% Fuel

G: 6.4 @300 IAS, 39% Fuel

Discord would be best used for situations such as this. GAF uses discord extensively on our operations as it allowances us to smoothly convey our requests with tankers and other fighters in the air. And on the point of not everyone having discord, I think it’s fairly easy to just browse online and download it (you can use it on a web browser too) . Also you can use discord in the background and play IF if you’re on a single device so there’s no problem there.

I’ll like to be a tanker

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I have added you to the list. I have also added @OwenKreisler.

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Ok thank you Dm me so you may add me to the discord


I would love to be tanker 3


@Darpan I have added you. We have now reached our minimum number of tankers. The maximum number of tankers will be eight, so there are five tanker spaces left.

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Add me as a raptor, please

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The remaining F-22 slots have been reserved for GAF 77th Squadron. Unless renewed, this reservation will expire at 1500Z on 27th August 2018.

@Xpira unfortunately this means there are currently no Raptor spaces available.

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Ok. I don’t think I’ll come then. Have fun! :)


@David_Beckett @Captain-Cade put me down as a tanker - i will try to make it…


Drop me as a tanker If you can, I would be a fighter but I have no friends who play IF. I also have another event in close proximity to this one so I might be a tad bit late.

@Aceorbit Just ask someone to be your wingman, I’m sure somebody will join you!

Just write me down as a tanker for now. Maybe I’ll change a bit later.

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