(Cancelled) Difficult Approaches #8: Gibraltar @ LXGB - 261600ZMAY18

I can’t do the event anymore sorry

Can i have EO4 please?

Sure, gate E04 is all yours.

Can I get a gate please?

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Sure thing, thanks for signing up.

The event is happening today! Still plenty of gates available.

Sorry can’t join today
Forgot it’s happening today…
So sorry 😬

Na it’s ok. Hope to see you next time.

Event signups close in 1 hours, get your slot now!

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When am I needed to judge?

I just PM’ed you and the other judge.

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Signups are now closed.

The event was supposed to start now, but no one has showed up. The event is delayed indefinitely…

This event is cancelled, no one showed up…

Crap, I was out and completely forgot. How about tomorrow?

Thank you for the understanding 🛬👍🏼🛫

Is there gonna be another chance that the noshowers still participate?

Nope. I just can’t do that…

When will the next difficult approaches be

Don’t know, I haven’t planned on anything.

Sad to see it cancelled again