(Cancelled) Difficult Approaches #8: Gibraltar @ LXGB - 261600ZMAY18

Server: Training

Region: Southeast Iberian Peninsula

Airport: LXGB

Time & Date: 1600Z - May 26, 2018

Fly into one of the most poorly-planned/placed airports in the world.jk

IMPORTANT: You are REQUIRED to fly the real-world runway 09 Military Visual approach at LXGB

This time, we will take off from Casablanca in Morocco (GMMN) in any aircraft from the a320 family (a318, a319, a320, a321). A flightplan will be provided closer to the event date. We will be performing the MILITARY VISUAL ON PAGE 12. I chose the military approach because it is slightly more difficult than the civilian one.

As always, landings will be judged on the following criteria:

Approach Accuracy (Are you following the chart, or are you doing your own thing?)
Smoothness (Did you butter the bread or Ryanair the landing?)
Technique (Flare angle, centerline, approach speed, etc.)


Gates (at GMMN)
E01 - @Carolina_Taylor
E02 - @ollywhxte
E03 -
E04 - @Sjoerd
E05 - @Miguel_Ortiz
E06 -
E07 - @Gaby_Burnei
E08 -
E09 -
E10 -
(More Gates Will Be Available If Necessary)

Pending List (For those who are unsure if they can attend)

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Thank You!


I’m in on this😎. @A_Plane_Guy get me a gate ASAP

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Let’s fly expert sever though…why training?

Air Traffic Control purposes.

Oh that makes sense.

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Count me in! Gate E02 please!

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May I have a gate?
Thanks 🛬😎🛫

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Gate E03 is all yours.

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Very Strategic though especially in olden days to control shipping!

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26 of May at 1600Z @Jacob_Hoskins

Gibratar Airport just got seriously roasted




Ok, E03 for you! Thanks!

Sign me up! I will take gate E05!

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EDIT: If I could, maybe actually a judge.

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Ok, @Miguel_Ortiz, I have your gate, @lucaviness you can be a judge.

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E06 plz Callsign is TVA20

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Roger that, got you down.

I’d Like Gate E07

Alright, E07 is yours.

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please remove me from this event thx!