(Cancelled) Difficult Approaches #3: Toncontín International @ MHTG - 271800ZJAN18

IMPORTANT: You Must Fly the Real World North RNAV Approach for Runway 02

Server: Training

Region: [insert clever joke about regions]

Airport: MHTG

Time: 1800Z - January 27th, 2018

NOTAM: Weave through the mountains of Honduras in the third installment of the Difficult Approaches series!

Due to low turnout, this event has been cancelled. Thanks to @Krunchy_Toast for being the only one who showed up.

  • Exciting
  • I could make it
  • Boring
  • I can’t/won’t participate

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Lol completely forgot about editing the title. Sorry guys!

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One more thing:
Last DA event I made, I had an Infinite Flight approach example. Should I have that?

  • Yup
  • Nope
  • I honestly do not care…

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My only comment is LOL

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Get me a gate please! 😁

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Alright, the reigning champion is joining us!

☺️ I like these events.

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I am not sure if i am gonna make it but anyways sign me up.

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Gotcha, have you down!

I just tried recording the landing video, unfortunately I turned too early and went nose first into a mountain. Goes to show how difficult this approach really is.

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Ill take gate 4 por favor! :)

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Lol I like the rhyme! On it.

The scenery there is horrible. I’m sorry, won’t join.

Oh sad to see that the scenery would put you off having fun!

Anyway hope you can come next time

I would love to join! Gate please! :-)

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Alright, I’ll get you gate 3.

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@A_Plane_Guy You wrote the airport wrong, it is not MHGT it is MHTG.

Put me in see you there again.

Did a test flight…

I’ll get better :)


Alright, got you down!