[ CANCELLED] Destination Manchester with IAV! @ KCLT 231600ZJUN18

Hello and welcome to our second IAV event! Today we are flying from Charlotte in North Carolina to Manchester New Hampshire! We will be using a American Eagle 🦅 CRJ-700! The flight shall last just under 2hrs 10min maybe less! We hope to see you there next week!

Flight time: 2hrs 10min
Server: Expert (will be changed if high demand)
Aircraft: CRJ-700
Time: 1600Z
Date: 23.06.18
Departure time: 1600Z

Flight info:

Cruise Alt: FL360
VS: 2500
Cruise speed: M.80
Climb speed below 10k ft: 240kts
Climb speed above 10k ft: 280kts


Gate B01 @Goran12 IAV200CS
Gate B02 @Cjthew91 Blue Streak 91
Gate B03
Gate B03
Gate B04
Gate B05
Gate B06
Gate B07
Gate B08
Gate B09
Gate B10

NOTAM: Please use your IAV callsign if you are part of IAV! Also we don’t take any responsibility for ghostings or violations, we hope to see you there next week!

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Why Join? IAV are not your conventional airline copied from the real world. No, they are the complete opposite. IAV is a professional VA split into three main detachments: QRA, Military and Civilian. This means there is a chance for everybody to enjoy themselves within IAV! Even better, we are original and unique with no real world basis.

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Gate please my callsign will be American 91 Heavy

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Sure, make sure to join IAV! ;)

Callsign will now be Blue Streak 91

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Yeah why not, I’ll join, this will be my fourth and probably final VA

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Great can’t wait to see you fly with us!

Hahah. I will inform my team.

@Daniel_Cerritos you will like this event. Unfortunately I can’t make this event :(

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Uhh I’m not attending but why is the cruise speed M.85 for a CRJ7???

I’m pretty sure that’s past max cruise speed and it should be set to m.78

Btw Charlotte is in North Carolina ;)

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Whoops sorry typo. I will change that.

Hate to say it but I can’t make it. I work Saturdays and Sundays (basically the weekend).
If it was like on a Tuesday or something then yeah I’ll join


Im sorry to say this event is cancelled.