[Cancelled/Closed] TravelSky | First global event! @ EDDK - 281800ZOCT17

Server: Expert Server

Region: No Region ;)

Airport: EDDK-ENGM

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: Flight plan may change due to wind conditions

Hello fellow community members!
As you all know, the Global update is now upon us. We at TravelSky have been hard at work getting prepared and re-shuffling our airline in order to give our pilots the best experience going forward. Our first event will be taking us from EDDK (Cologne Int’l Airport) up to to ENGM (Oslo Int’l Airport). Not only is this the official launch of our newly re-formed VA, but it is also the first international flight in our airlines history!

We will be departing from EDDK heading north past my hometown of Hamburg. Then past Copenhagen and over the North Sea after which we will be arriving into Oslo.

The planes used for this event will be as follows: a319/320/321, Embraer 190, B737-700/800

Feel free to choose any of our short to medium haul aircraft.
Remember: These aircraft have to be flown in the generic livery!

If you would like a closer look at our fleet, click here!

44 PM
The flight plan is subject to change


Before the event, I will make a formal FPL which you all should copy before departure.

For TSK pilots the flight number is: TSE711

Every participant uses their personal callsign to avoid confusion!
Please let us know if you can attend the event.

I hope to see you all there to celebrate this special first TSK event :)

TSK Event Organizer/Planner


The event begins in 6 hours and 45 minutes!

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The event begins in 2 hours and 30 minutes! Please let us know if you will be attending!

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The event begins in 15 minutes!

Pushback will be at 1805Z.

The official flight plan is: PODI5B PODIP Y867 WRB UL126 LBV UP615 ALASA M852 ALS Z731 SABAK L997 LUNIP LUNI4M

Departure RWY: 32R
Flight level: Each participant can choose

Speed: Mach 0.83

If you can attend please let us know!

The event is cancelled due to a lack of participants.

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