[CANCELLED/CLOSED] Opening Flight- USAT Virtual @ KCAE - 212300ZMAY17

Server: Traning Server 1

Region: North Carolina Region

Airport: KCAE

Time: May 21st, 2017, 7-8PM Eastern Time

NOTAM: Hi everyone! Come join us for our opening flight at USAT VA. We have not officially been approved yet, but we would like to throw a party anyways at our main base, Columbia Metro. We plan to mainly use fighters, but we would like any volunteers for fighter down below ~~~

A special thanks to all of our crew here at USAT:

( Design by @JetBlueVirtual )
And, me, your Founder and head CEO of USAT. Thank you for reading, and I would love if you would come and join us!


Hey! Please update your title to include the correct event format. This way, it will appear correctly within the events part of the app! The correct format can be found here. :)


What does DDHHMMZMONYY mean?

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Great question!

DD = Date
HHMMZ = Time in Zulu with a Z afterwards for Zulu
MON = Month
YY = Last two digits of the year

An example would be 212100ZMAY17.


For today? Would that be for today? Cause I have trouble with Zulu Time

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You are 212300ZMAY17


That would be today. That example was for my event today. For your event, it would be 212300ZMAY17.

Also, here’s a Zulu conversion chart to make your life easier.

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Thank you both very much


Questions x2:

  1. What are we doing in this event? Just flying around having fun? Or is there a flight plan?

  2. Do you want us to use cargo aircraft? Or are we all flying fighter jets?

Comments x2:

  1. I really like how in a matter of 5 days; how you took that information that we have you and went for it creating the VA and now waiting for approval

  2. I love the logo

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Flying around having fun. Fighter jets. And thanks for the comments.

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Would you like to come? I’m actually going to hop in a Cessna Citation X. Do you have one? Jetbluevirtual is going in a 737 BBJ

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I’ll fly the B737 BBJ

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That was going to be for staff leaders since I don’t have one I let him do it. I know I sound like a whining baby but are you sure want to hop a Cessna? lol

I actually can’t make it as I am ATCing in the Seattle Region! Best of Luck!

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Okay, thanks anyways! Good luck

sorry im late im coming on right now

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Not sure who was behind me in the fighter while I was flying a C17 but I apologize. Our cable and internet dropped offline here so I had to reset my router, hence the reason why I bolted out of the server.

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Oh. That was callsign Air Force 114 behind you in an F16

Yea I was circling KCAE and they came up behind me but I had to bail. I didn’t see them right away so I missed their call sign. My apologies.

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Miguel and I were in formation. He was flying 737 and I was in an F14. That F16 was trolling us the whole way down