[CANCELLED/CLOSED] Austrian VA Recruitment Flight @ LOWW - 061400ZAPR18

Hello Fellow IF Pilots!

Do you wish to join a VA or simply have some fun, regardless, make sure to sign up to this Event. I have started a VA and am looking for professional pilots. Please leave a reply below and i’ll sign you up!

Information & Details:

Server: Training

Airport: LOWW

Time: 1400 Zulu

NOTAM: After Attendance, you will be sent a PM Regarding you joining the VA. You will be graded on your landing.

Aircraft/Airftrame: Bombardier Q-400 Dash 8 Austrian Livery

LOWW 4803N/1612E BARUG 4738N/1344E NANIT 4722N/1146E 4717N/1130E 4716N/1126E LOWI

D21- @LordDanz
D22- @Starley
D23- @SkyHighRayquaza
D24- @tssalvador
D26- @Filipe_Abrantes
D27- @Carlos_Bruno_Alencar
D28- @Andyhollis2004
D29- @PlaneCrazy

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SO is this a landing competition?

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Its a recruiting event. They will just be grading you on your landing. Btw a quick tip, add gates and attendants so we know who’s going.

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Done. I added what you suggested. Is it better? Im new so…

D22 for me please! :)

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sign me up, please


Thanks for coming @Starley @SkyHighRayquaza!

Woulda loved to come but a bit too late!!

No worries, we are planning to host an event next week so stay tuned in for that! ;)

I’d like to join! Thanks for the opportunity.

Great! ;) Make sure to check out Funchal Fever @ LOWW - 151500ZAPR18 we are hosting it next week!

Hope to see you at future events like for example: Funchal Fever @ LOWW - 151500ZAPR18 !
Austrian VA is hosting it too.

I’ll join the VA and take gate D24


Btw D24 is already taken so I’ll get you 25

Hi!! is it possible to have the D26?

Danke :) @LordDanz

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Yeah, sure! Danke for coming!

I would like to have one gate if possible

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Ok, you’re signed up and all ready to go!

We are Now Officially IFARB approved on the IFC. Check it out HERE.