[CANCELLED]China Airlines VA Recruitment Event @ WSSS - 110900ZMAR17

Server: Training

Region: Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Airport: WSSS

Time: 0900Z

NOTAM: Welcome to a China Airlines VA Recruitment Event, we’ll be at Singapore Changi Airport(WSSS). Here we will test your skills, if you want to join China Airlines with a nice first impression, or you can come for fun. Of course, if we like you, we will PM you for you to join us. So comment down below for a gate and aircraft. We will be taking off from WSSS, and land at WMKK. (Only China Airlines livery) More gates will be arranged if needed.

Positions needed:
Event Manager
Flight Logger
Web Designer

Boeing 737-800(Generic)
Airbus A340(Generic)
Airbus A330-300
Boeing 747-400
Boeing 777-300ER

Gate C01:@AppleOneGT(Boeing 777-300ER)
Gate C11:fatmosthegreat(Boeing 777-300ER)
Gate C13:
Gate C15:
Gate C16:
Gate C17:
Gate C18:
Gate C19:
Gate C20:
Gate C22:
Gate C23:
Gate C24:
Gate C25:
Gate C26:
Gate D30:
Gate D32:
Gate D34:
Gate D35:

Site: bit.ly/ChinaVA

Please get me a gate… I will take a 777-300ER

Sorry wont be possilble

Boeing 777-300ER | Gate C11 | Coming for fun, will probably join after my exams

If it is as said in the game on saturday 11th, I will come and take a gate, but if as said here, on friday the 17th, won’t be able :(

So, will you be able to make it?

Well, could you tell me when it is? Here it is on friday, in game is saturday

Shame why you cancel the event ? @RedarPheld date and time are in the title , but to break it down for you…

0900Z - 15:00 - Hong Kong/Beijing/Shanghai time…

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