(Cancelled) #ChillOut! - Toronto Fly-Out | @ CYYZ - 130000ZOCT18

#ChillOut - Toronto Fly-Out

@ CYYZ, 13th October '18 at 0000Z


Update in events!

There is a new update in my events:
There will be secrets in my events.
Try finding the secret! There is always a Hint which will help you in guessing the event secret.
The first person to find the secret, wins and will be highlighted at the end of this post:

Event Secret Winner: (E.G.) @SpeedPlayz

Please comment down below your guess!

Back to the event…


Airport: Toronto Lester B Pearson Intl. [YYZ//CYYZ]
Time of start and end: 13/10/2018 at 0000Z to 14/10/2018 at 0000Z
Server: Training

Please ask for gates in the following format:


Gate Assignments

Terminal 3 :

Gate User Aircraft Callsign Destination Time
Gate A04 @SpeedPlayz AC CRJ-900 SPD112 Montreal 0800Z
Gate A01A @Kaj CRJ-900 IFA1 Montreal 0800Z
Gate A01B @Randomguy12 AC A321 Air Canada 71 Montreal Any
Gate A01C
Gate A01D
Gate A02
Gate A03
Gate A04
Gate A05
Gate A06
Gate B7D
Gate B7E
Gate B7F
Gate B11
Gate B12
Gate B13
Gate B14
Gate B15
Gate B16
Gate B17
Gate B18
Gate B19
Gate B20
Gate B22
Gate C24
Gate C25
Gate C26
Gate C27
Gate C28
Gate C29
Gate C30
Gate C31
Gate C32
Gate C33
Gate C34
Gate C35
Gate C36
Gate C37
Gate C38

Enjoy this event!

Event Secret Winner: @Randomguy12

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Oh wow, that is a very high climb!

What climb?

The A321 in the picture.

Off Topic: 6000 V/S

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Yes, indeed. But in solo you are free to be a noob XD


I would join but I don’t want to because it’s in training

I mean come on don’t tell me you grade 1

I’m grade 4 but what the heck give me a gate

Is the secret the fact that the airport is not Toronto’s?

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You have guessed the secret!

Please read the post correctly and read the format.

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something to do with ACVA too im guessing…

No… There is nothing with ACVA here…

i might be able to come since my event is cancelled

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ahh ok they said that there is an event the ACVA might be sponsoring an event thought it was this one…nvm sorry for the confusion ;)

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Do you mind changing it to training you dont have to just saying

IT IS on training…


@SpeedPlayz why did you say IT IS like that you didn’t need to shout

Just because i used caps doesn’t mean i’m shouting. Calm yo crap
I just wanted to point it out a bit clear