[Cancelled] Charlotte Long flight @ KCLT - 182130ZJUN16

Server: ATC Advanced

Region: Charlotte

Airport: KCLT

Time: 18 June 2130Z

NOTAM: As I promised in my profile page to make events after the finals, so this is the first event

  1. We gather at KCLT 30min before event
  2. We start taxiing to runway at 2135Z
  3. We take screenshot in hold short
  4. We takeoff then we will climb to 32000ft
  5. We fly in a medium size square then we descent to KAGS
  6. We land at KAGS and we park
    FPL by me.
    ATC and tutorial on how to fly on high altitudes is needed PM me
    And I need a helper for parking and ATC assignment PM me
    Any Jet smaller than 757
    See you!

If this is a livestream, where will you be streaming?

Using Shou on Android! Who Want to join?

How long till it start?

In About 9 days, June 18

Ok. I’ve never been good with Zulu time lol.

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It is June 18 [quote=“Riley_Dunshea, post:6, topic:44096, full:true”]
Ok. I’ve never been good with Zulu time lol.

What is your timezone

Australian Eastern

Australian Eastern Standard Time.

I can livestream too.
But I have ADSL2+. Very pooey internet. 0.5 Mbps upload.

If GMT+10 so its at 9:30AM
If GMT+11 so its at 10:30 AM

If you are coming please put down your name, plane or tell a regular to do that

Please Use this method
Name | Username in IFC | Callsign | Plane you will use

Zaid Salameh | R_Jordanian | JY-BAC | B737-700 Southwest
Gorden W

I might just have to bring the 748

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Follow instructions please

Just sarcasm man, @Flying_Lucknows what I’m talking about lel

Any are coming 1min there will be beginning this event

Wait it’s now?

I think so @Benny87654321

Aaajhhhmm now is Cancelled

Why was it canceled :(?