[Cancelled] Canadian Transcon @ CYYZ - 272100ZJAN18

Server: Training

Region: The World

Airport: CYYZ

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: Approximate flight time 5 hours. FPL and details will be released at a later time. For callsigns, use [Airline] #. This is my first event so please be patient with me :)
Aircraft: Air Canada Boeing 787-9 or WestJet Boeing 737-700



Air Canada

D4: @xxFuryxx Boeing 787-9 ACA1
D8: @SATAN Boeing 777-300ER ACA143
D12: @JMac Boeing 787-9 ACA101

More gates will be added if needed


YYZ Ground:
YYZ Tower:
YVR Ground:
YVR Tower:

Can i be a 777 300er

Sure. I believe that flies the route too. Which gate and callsign will you be?

Pick a gate aca143 for me

Can i have a gate please close to the others , Iam a 787. Thanks

What callsign would you like?

I would like to do ATC Tower at YVR. If it becomes a big event I would also recommend adding Approach ATC.

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Idk if it’ll be a big event. I’ll put u down as tower

Will no longer be available for ATC sorry.

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I hope you guys won’t mind. I am very short on time that day so I will have to cancel. Sorry guys

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