(Cancelled) Boeing Ballistic #2 @ KORD - 040100ZSEP17

Server: Training

Region: Chicago

Airport: KORD

Time: 0100Z (9:00 PM EDT)

NOTAM Were going Boeing Ballistic once again, this time in the Chicago region. Spawn up in any Boeing aircraft at 1:00 Zulu Time at KORD and follow the leader (Southwest 297) on a fun flight all around the wonderful region of Chicago!

Flight plan:

Gates: Just ask for a gate and it’ll be yours!

B1: @SouthwestFan Southwest 297
B10: @CaptainBrady Southwest 2931
B11: @Ezrap27 N961CY
B14: @Chris_Carca UA193
B15: @Kevin_James N104QD
B16: @Drew737380 N971OA
More gates will be added if needed Doubt it

Atc: If someone wants to voulenteer to be atc, just ask!
KORD Ground:
KORD Tower:

Hope to see you there!


EDIT: Now on the fourth! :)


Hmm, might be there. @SouthwestFan can you tell me an approx. length of this flight? Might be able to do if shorter that about and hour 15, maybe hour 25-30.

What time is it happening in Europe ?

If you look at the home page in the app, it will tell you the time in your local timezone.


Aww, one day to late for me :(

Cool event, wouldve been 11am fot me whicg wiyldve been perfect.

Hope the event goes well ;)

Idk approx. amount, maybe 1 hour, 1 hour 15-25. Not sure though.

Do you want me to get you a gate?

Hi, I will be there. Can I join?

Sure! Just give me your callsign and what gate you want

Can I join as southwest 2931?

Thank you! Boeing 7810, B12.

I will ne There can i join

I’m confused on what time it is on in Europe

It’s 1:00 Zulu time. If that doesn’t help, use the internet

You can join! Just give me your callsign and I’ll give you a gate!

You’re event is takeing place 2 am European time ye are 5 hours behind us

I would like to have a gate please and I will be flying a 777 200 ER

Can I have a gate please?

Can I have a gate? Callsign; N961CY

@Chris_Carca, @Kevin_James, what will your callsign be?