(Cancelled) Boeing Ballistic #2 @ KBFI - 220100ZOCT17

Server: Training

Airport: KBFI

Time: 0100Z

NOTAM: *Event will be held at 7:00PM EST, 4:00PM PST, 1:00AM GDT, and 10:00AM AEST

It’s that time again, IFC, Boeing Ballistic!!

Spawn in at KBFI @ 0100Z. Since global is out, fly wherever you want!

Just spawn in at KBFI with any Boeing aircraft (preferably the 737 or 738, but any other Boeing will be acceptable), and fly! You can also do fly-ins, just be there before 0200Z.


Bay A1: @SouthwestFan Boeing 297
Bay A2: @DiamondGaming4 American 7797
Bay A3:
Bay A4:
Bay A5:
Bay A6:
Bay A7:
Bay A8:
Bay B1:
Bay B2:
Bay B3:
Bay B4:
Bay B5:
Bay B6:
Bay B7:
Bay B8:

Atc: ATC HELP IS WANTED!! Just post down below if you’d like to help with ATC services.

Thank you!


What will the date be?

Today, it says the date of event in the title.


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Oh sorry! I didn’t see that 😂

I’ll take any gate and I’ll use a 777-300ER

Thank you.

@DiamondGaming4, what will your callsign be?

We are in AEDT now :) So I think it’ll be Midday (exactly)

Have I got my dates mixed up or is it in 4hrs, if so I’m coming and taking a gate! Callsign: WOMBAT

Callsign will be American 7797

0100 Zulu is 2000 CST right?

6:00PM CDT is the time

Sorry I couldn’t make it, I’m horrible with time conversion.

Is this event happening right now? I’m confused with the time.

Yes, It started 2hrs and 45min ago.

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Sorry everyone. Due to a complete lack of participants, it has been cancelled. I was busy earlier, too.


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