[Cancelled] Boeing 737 family flight @ YSSY - 221730ZFEB17

Server: Casual

Region: Sydney

Airport: YSSY

Time: 1730Z

NOTAM: Flying from YSSY-YSCB. Any Boeing 737s allowed (B737-700,-800,-900,-700BBJ) Any livery! All you have to do is, Follow all the rules, and you have to follow me in the event ( Display name: IG-IF Aviation Kaler ; Callsign: IAKCRW01)
It’s Casual server.
Please follow all the rules and spacing is a must:)
Hope to see you there:-)
Also, for any doubts, comment below!
Happy and safe landings and wish you a great day everyone!

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Ok, I think I can make it :)

Actually no sorry, that’s 4:30am in my country :)

Im in! Ill have the BBJ i think

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Same haha. I’ll be in a Boeing 737-700BBJ in the Private 2 Livery :)

İ join i think im gonna put Boeing123

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Okay people. It’s the time to spawn:)
Spawn in 5 minutes at gates with series ‘1’.
See you all there.
Also, Please follow IF instructions. I don’t want to violate the rules and regulations of infinite flight.
Good day.
See you!

People, please don’t follow that guy. I’m the one who is with 127 hours of online time and Grade 2. I’m on ground…

İm offline?? İts buggy?

İm boeing 123 İm sooo back behind soory

Please leave the event.
A guy has been using my account details and have been ruining my event

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Ok go EGLL ? for Nother event ok?

Can I last minute join ?

Oh, that’s sad! Why would someone do that?