[Cancelled] Beantown to A-Town @ KBOS - 221400ZJUN19

Please read the entire thread to understand this event.

Beantown to A-Town

Date & Time: 2019-06-22T14:00:00Z2019-06-22T17:00:00Z
Location: Boston–Logan International Airport (KBOS)
Estimated Flight Time: 3h 00m
Server: Expert

Event Description

Join us as we travel from the beautiful New England city of Boston from Logan International Airport to the gateway of the South in Atlanta, Georgia at Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport.

Boston to Atlanta is one of the busiest air route out of the New England region and Boston. It is served by 4 airlines and has almost 20 daily flights. Almost 1,000,000 passengers fly this route every year. Logan Airport is a hub for Delta Air Lines and is a major hub for the Greater Boston and New England area. Atlanta Airport is the busiest airport in the world and is the main hub for Delta Air Lines as well as a focus city for low cost airlines, Southwest, Frontier, and Spirit.

During this event, we will be traversing our way to Atlanta using realistic procedures on departure and approach. Posted speed restrictions and altitude restrictions on each of the charts will be used. It should be a fun time!


  • Please follow all expert server rules.
  • Obey all ATC instructions (if available).
  • Use Unicom when necessary!
  • Maintain spacing in the air.
  • Respect other players.
  • Have fun!

Route Information

As noted prior, each airline group will travel to Atlanta via the route posted below. The departure routings will only contain the end point of the SID. The same applies for the STAR. Once the active runways are determined, you will fill in the beginning and end portions of the SID and STAR plates. You should be able to just copy my flight plan on the day of the event as an alternative.

Both the SID and STAR plates are hyperlinked below. Be sure you understand how to read them as we will be following the various speed and altitude restrictions. If you do not, I recommend checking this video series out to get an idea of how to understand the altitude and speed restrictions on the charts.

Using a third-party service like FPLtoIF.com or SimBrief.com, import the route to determine how much fuel is needed. We will be stacked at different cruise altitudes.



Cruise Altitude: FL260 - FL380 (even numbers)
Cruise Speed: M.78

Gate Assignments:

To reserve a gate, simply comment your name down below.

Aircraft Options:

  • Delta Air Lines (Airbus A321, Boeing 757-200)
  • JetBlue Airways (Airbus A320, Embraer 190)
  • Southwest Airlines (Boeing 737-700/-800)
  • Spirit Airlines (Airbus A320)

Terminal A (Delta & Southwest)
Gate Airline & Aircraft User
A3 DAL B752
A4 DAL A321 @Aceorbit
A5A DAL B752
A7A DAL B752
A9 DAL A321 @Adam_Goodman
A13 DAL B752
A14 DAL A321
A15 DAL A321
A16 DAL B752
A17 DAL B752
A18 SWA B738
A19 SWA B737
A20 SWA B738 @Zaid_Martines
A21 SWA B737 @Daniel_Cerritos
A22 SWA B738
Terminal B (Spirit Airlines)
Gate Airline & Aircraft User
B37 NKS A320
B38 NKS A320
Terminal C (jetBlue Airways)
Gate Airline & Aircraft User
C8 JBU A320
C9 JBU A320
C10 JBU A320
C11 JBU E190
C12 JBU A320
C14 JBU E190
C15 JBU E190
C16 JBU A320
C17 JBU A320
C18 JBU A320
C19 JBU A320
C20 JBU A320
C21 JBU A320
C21A JBU E190
C25 JBU A320
C26 JBU E190
C27 JBU A320 @Nathan
C28 JBU E190
C29 JBU A320
C30 JBU A320
C31 JBU A320
C32 JBU A320
C33 JBU A320
C34 JBU A320
C36 JBU A320

More gates will be available at North Cargo and South Cargo when necessary.

Information regarding runway usage, arrival instructions, and other things will be given on the event date so stay tuned for that. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below or via private message.

Thanks for joining this event. See you all in Boston! :)


Can I have a Southwest 738 to KAUS

Did you read the thread? This is a group flight to Atlanta.

Oh, sorry. No thanks then

Sign me up boi with the DAL A321! Your events are always a blast!

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Always a pleasure, Daniel. A4 is yours. ;)

Can I have A9 please???

A9 is all yours.

Because you didn’t do MHT-ATL, I’ll join in as Southwest 737-700 (Illinois One) Gate A21


Maybe I’ll do it next time. 😉

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Bump. Two weeks until the event.

Can i get gate A20

Thanks for joining, Zaid. I added you.

Bump again. Would love to see more attendees. One more week until the event. :)