(Cancelled) Aviation Airways Hub Opening @ KCLE - 131700ZMAR18

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Midwestern United States of America

Airport: KCLE

Time: 1700Z (1:00PM EST)
1:00PM EST
12:00AM CST
11:00AM MST
10:00AM PST

NOTAM: Aviation Airways Uses Generic Airplanes. Please spawn in with the Appropriate Airplanes

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleveland_Hopkins_International_Airport#/media/File:Cleveland_Hopkins_International_Airport.svg

Welcome to Aviation Airways VA! We are happy to announce that the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport will become our Third Hub for our Airline!
We’d like to Open this hub with this Event, and see many people join as we open KCLE as our new Midwestern Hub in Ohio.

Why Cleveland?

We chose Cleveland as our next hub since we already have our existing Cargo Hub here. We decided that we’d like to also serve PAX and fly them to destinations around the United States, as well as the world.

Where we will fly

This event will be split into two groups.
One Group will fly to Denver, our Second Hub located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, while the Second Group will fly to our main hub in Manchester, located in New Hampshire.

Concourses and Gates

With the Opening of our New Hub, we will be flying out of the end of Concourse C. Select a Group, Gate and Airplane and you will be put in for the Event. See you there!

ATC Services
We’d love to have some realism, so if you want to volunteer as ATC for our Events, please comment below!
KCLE Tower: @Nashes
KCLE Ground: @Nashes

KMHT Tower:
KMHT Ground:

KDEN Tower:
KDEN Ground:

Concourse C Gates

Group 1 Flying to KDEN

Gate C14: (Boeing 767-300)
Gate C16: (Boeing 737-800)
Gate C18: (Boeing 737-800)
Gate C19: (Boeing 737-700)
Gate C20: (Airbus A321)
Gate C21: (Airbus A321)
Gate C22: (Airbus A320)
Gate C23: (Airbus A319)

Group 2 Flying to KMHT

Gate C24: @Daniel_Cerritos (Boeing 737-800)
Gate C25: (Boeing 737-800)
Gate C26: (Boeing 737-700)
Gate C27: (Airbus A320)
Gate C29: (Dash 8 Q400)

Routes will be displayed shortly, thank you for your patience

Thank you, and I hope to see you at our Event next Tuesday!


I would like to be ATC at KCLE

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Would you like to be ground or tower?

Both please so I can get near 1900+ ops

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Okay, there you go. Thanks for being ATC for the Event, I’ll see you there next week! :)

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We’re just one day away until we open our hub at CLE!
We need some pilots! Let me know if you’d like to join and I’ll gladly add you to the roster.

Pick a group, then a gate, and I’ll add you

Hi! Can I take the A320 to KMHT?

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Hi! Thanks for asking, but due to low demand, I think I’ll have to cancel the event.

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