CANCELLED Antalya to Istanbul Group Flight!

Hello and welcome to this amazing group flight!!! In this flight, we’ll be flying from the beautiful city of Antalya, Turkey, to Istanbul, Turkey! This small domestic flight has so many wide bodies in real life including the Boeing 777 and the Airbus A330.That’s why I used to fly this route everyday last year this time around and I really wanted to fly it again. Anyway, here are some pictures of the airports!

Antalya International Airport (LTAI) 🇹🇷

Istanbul International Airport (LTFM) 🇹🇷


Turkish Airlines A321-200

Turkish Airlines B737-900

Turkish Airlines B777-300ER

Turkish Airlines A330-300

Event Details

Time and date: 2023-11-04T14:00:00Z2023-11-04T15:15:00Z

Origin: LTAI

Destination: LTFM

Server: Training

Flight Time: 01:10

Flight Plan: Please copy @SamB777’s flight plan

Fuel: 8,000 kg (A321-200, B737-900)
19,000 kg (B777-300ER)
15,000 kg (A330-300)

Cruising Altitude: 30,000 ft

Gate Assignments

Departure Gate Landing Gate Aircraft User
127 Remote 214 Turkish Airlines A321-200
126 Remote 213 Turkish Airlines A321-200 @Captain_Kermit
125 Remote 212 Turkish Airlines B737-900
124 Remote 211 Turkish Airlines B737-900 @fuyanmingde
120 Remote 220 Turkish Airlines B777-300ER @SamB777
121 Remote 221 Turkish Airlines B777-300ER @Cristian_Buzoianu
122 Remote 222 Turkish Airlines A330-300 @nm_hj
123 Remote 223 Turkish Airlines A330-300 @Apple_Haye

ATC (If needed)
Antalya Tower and Ground:
Istanbul Tower and Ground: @United403


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • We are not responsible any violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom
  • Have fun!

I’ll take this route.

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I’m sorry I’ll not be able to join this event, I have a real flight on the event time! Sorry😢

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I Take this Pls !

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It’s fine, have a great flight

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Sure! Thanks for joining!

Sure! Thanks!

Can I Have a A330 please

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Sure, I’ll put you at gate 122

@fuyanmingde I’ll put you at gate 124 as a b737-900. Thanks for joining!

Heya! I’m definitely interested! Could I take an A321 slot please? Cheers. ✅

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Sure! I’ll put you at gate 126!

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I’ll help here 😁

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Sure! Thanks for joining!

Hello everyone, this event is unfortunately canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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