[Cancelled] Airport MAX Out @ RJOO - 182100ZNOV17

Server: Training

Airport: RJOO

Time: 23:00Z

Aircraft: 777-200ER, 787-9, 787-10, E190, E170, 737-800, A321-200, Dash-8 Q400

Welcome Everyone!
My name is @PocketAviation and welcome back to another Airport MAX Out event! Now, some of you are asking yourselves, why are you creating yet another event? Well, today’s event is created in honor of the brand new VA, Japan Airlines! They kindly asked me to create an event that would best suit their airline, so today we are flying out of RJOO. Please join me in welcoming Japan Airlines to the Infinite Flight VA Community by taking part in this event. Reserve your spot quickly before we run out!

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Japan Airlines Virtual is a very unique VA that provides a new way to VA. Some of their many additions include: Merch (Pens,Lanyards,Flight Log Book, and More!), Merch Giveways, Flight Bidding, Integration With SimBrief (Coming Soon), and Lounges For High Rank Pilots. They truly have one of the finest websites a VA can have and a great staff behind the scenes. Follow the links below to get more info on Japan Airlines Virtual!

Introduction to RJOO

Osaka International Airport (大阪国際空港 Ōsaka Kokusai Kūkō) is the primary domestic airport for the Kansai region of Japan, including the major cities of Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. It is classified as a first class airport.

Despite its “international” designation, the airport’s scheduled passenger air traffic is entirely domestic. Kansai International Airport (27 miles (43 km) away) took over the region’s international traffic in 1994 and competes with Itami for domestic traffic. Itami also faces competition from Kobe Airport (16 miles (26 km) away), a smaller domestic airport opened in 2006.

The airport was named after the city of Itami, Hyōgo Prefecture because most of its land is located there. A portion of the airport property is also located in Toyonaka and Ikeda cities of Osaka Prefecture. The terminal complex is located in all three of these cities, and the only access from the Itami side is via a long tunnel that passes below the runway and apron.

In FY2006 Itami was Japan’s 3rd busiest airport and the Kansai region’s busiest. During 2010, this airport had 62,293 aircraft movements (32 cities).

Itami Airport - Wikipedia

The Event

On November 19, 2017 @ 6:00AM Japan Time, the airport will begin operations. Our goal is to attempt to fill the airport with as many planes as possible!

  • If you are interested in being an Passenger Airline, you can select an airline that services that airport. You must also choose a plane that services that airport and use the real life destination given aka Terminal 14 Japan Airlines 737-800 RJOO-RJBB.

(Unfortunately, both Cargo and GA are not available at this event!)

ATC coverage is also necessary, so sign up if you are interested (there will be over 20 planes on the server!)


Japan Airlines, ANA, ANA (operated by ANA Wings), Japan Airlines (operated by J-air).

ANA Airlines

STAND 00 ANA Wings Dash-8 Q400 RJOO-RJFT:
STAND 01 ANA Wings Dash-8 Q400 RJOO-RJFO:
STAND 02 ANA Wings Dash-8 Q400 RJOO-RJOM:
STAND 03 ANA Wings Dash-8 Q400 RJOO-RJOK:
STAND 04 ANA Wings Dash-8 Q400 RJOO-RJSN:
TERMINAL 05 ANA Wings Dash-8 Q400 RJOO-RJSK:
TERMINAL 06 ANA Wings Dash-8 Q400 RJOO-RJSA:
TERMINAL 08 ANA 787-10 RJOO-RJSS: @Rajdipta_De

Japan Airlines

TERMINAL 14 Japan Airlines 737-800 RJOO-RJBB:
TERMINAL 15 Japan Airlines 737-800 RJOO-RJCC:
TERMINAL 16 Japan Airlines 737-800 RJOO-RJFK:
TERMINAL 17 Japan Airlines 787-9 RJOO-ROAH: @Samuel_Szeto
TERMINAL 18 Japan Airlines 777-200ER RJOO-RJTT: @PocketAviation
TERMINAL 19 Japan Airlines 777-200ER RJOO-RJAA: @Michigan_Red
TERMINAL 20 Japan Airlines 737-800 RJOO-RJSS:
TERMINAL 21 Japan Airlines 737-800 RJOO-RJKA:
TERMINAL 22 Japan Airlines 737-800 RJOO-RJOC:
TERMINAL 23 Japan Airlines 737-800 RJOO-RJSA:
TERMINAL 24 Japan Airlines 737-800 RJOO-RJSK:
TERMINAL 25 Japan Airlines (operated by J-air) ERJ-190(generic) RJOO-RJCH:
TERMINAL 26 Japan Airlines (operated by J-air) ERJ-170(generic) RJOO-RJSC:
TERMINAL 27 Japan Airlines (operated by J-air) ERJ-170(generic) RJOO-RJSM:


Osaka Ground 126.20:
Osaka Tower 118.10:
Osaka Departure 120.85: @Oli_H
Osaka Approach 120.45: @Oli_H

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to post them down below! Also, if you need any help with creating your flight plan or fuel load, please ask in the comments!


Osaka Tower and Ground for me Please!

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Great! Welcome to the event!

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Osaka departure for me please!

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Do you want approach as well?

May I have Gate Stand 03 (ANA Dash-8)?

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Of course! Welcome to the event!

yes sure that’ll be nice

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Another great event! Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it due to work- but you will see me at the TNCM max out!

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Glad to have you at TNCM!

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BTW if there’s any flight plan provided for that specific route (RJOO-RJOK)?

I will be there in a 787 ana.

Which Gate @Rajdipta_De?

No, but I can make one for you if you are interested

That’d be great if you could give me any plan used by real pilots. Thanks~

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I will try my best, since flight aware does not give an accurate flight plan for anything besides the US.

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No prob, Bro! Appreciate it🛬🛫

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Whichever you like. I will do a long haul flight to new Delhi.

Alright @Abbasbeloved, Your flight plan has been completed!

Basicly, you flight plan is the

LINDA2 Departure KTE transition then to way points OBOKI and POPPY for the ILS Runway 32 Approach

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Unfortunately, there are no planes out of RJOO that currently service New Delhi. Please pick a route that is listed in the event to maintain realism. Or you can chose one of the destinations above and then fly to New Delhi. Thanks for understanding.