{Cancelled} Airforce Group flight @EGQL-EGKK 201400ZFEB19

  • NOTAM: Hello IFC,
    This is going to be an one hour group flight from NE England (EGQL) a medium sized AFB to South England (EGKK) London Gatwick.

  • Server: Expert server

  • Time of Departure: 1400Z

  • Airport: EGQL - Leuchars Airport RAF Base To EGKK - London Gatwick Airport

  • Aircraft and Livery: A10,F16C,F14,F22, Any Livery

  • Route: EGQL-EGKK

  • Flight plan: EGQL GOW TRN MCT KIDLI LON OCK KKE15 KKE12 OLEVI EGKK or copy it from me RAF007.

  • Cruise ALT: FL180

  • Cruise SPD: 390IAS , 550GS - for A10 350GS

  • Additional Information: There is an Aircraft size restriction and gates are limited, only 34 gates are available at once.
  • Spawn 10 mins before 1400Z
  • Flight of 2 is allowed

starting soon.

Starting in 10 mins.

spawn now.

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