[Cancelled again] Solberg Hunterdon Airshow (rescheduled one) @ N51 - 151238ZOCT16

Server: Casual

Region: New York

Airport: N51

Time: 1238Z

The Mulheim Airshow took place on May 14, and it was a disaster. People came to the three hour event, but everyone only stayed for the first hour. This event will only be thirty minutes long, and here’s the schedule.

1238Z: Fly Flighters Mania. Everyone will be assigned a different fighter. If more than four people attend, there will be repeated fighter types assigned. Just fly all over the Solberg Hunterdon area, just don’t go too close to the region border, or close to Jersey city, or the state of New York.
1253Z: I said the event will take thirty minutes? Well, it may take a little longer than that, because we’ll be racing fighters all over the New York region! Whoever makes it back to Solberg Hunterdon airfield wins virtual cookies! 🍪🍪🍪 galore! You don’t need to land successfully to win, but if you do, you win the amount of virtual cookies, but double!🍪🍪🍪x2! Oh what fun! Flight plan will come Friday night.

Flight plan for fighter jet race tomorrow!

See you in an hour.

Spawn in Runway 13
I’ll be flying around N51 in case you want to join.

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