[Cancelled]Across the Largest Ocean! @KLAX - 222200ZSEP22


I present you to join my very first event, we will be flying across the Pacific Ocean.

Event Details

Server: Expert
Route: Los Angeles (KLAX) - Sydney (YSSY)
Date: 22th September 2018
Start Time: 22:00Z
Flight Time: 14h 17m
End Time: 12:17Z (The Next Day)

Flight Details

Air Frame: Boeing 787-8
Livery: Virgin Australia
Distance: 6617NM
Fuel Required: 12,500KG/27557LB
Departure Runway: 24L|06R°
Arrival Runway: 34L|16R°

° = Subject to wind condition changes on event day.

Climb Profile

2,000ft/min @ 240KT until FL100
1,500ft/min @ 310KT until FL280
1,000ft/min @ M 0.85 until FL320


FL320 @ M 0.85

Climb Profile

-1,500ft/min @ 260KT until FL150
-1,000ft/min @ 200KT until FL060
-500ft/min @ 180KT until FL030
Final Approach Speed: 145KT

Route Picture

Flight Plan
KLAX SXC GIATZ 3251N/11907W MALIT FICKY 2500N/13000W 2200N/13500W 1900N/14000W 1600N/14500W WINTY WAYSE 500N/15700W 000S/16300W DUNEY 657S/17150W 900S/17500W 1300S/18000E 1800S/17500E 2400S/17000E 2930S/16300E 3100S/16000E GOOMA 3343S/15335E 3405S/15234E PRAWN YSSY


All IFC are welcome to attend the event.



Gate Username Callsign
Terminal 2 23 @Gabe_Z G-ZAGO
Terminal 2 24 Open Open
Terminal 2 25 Open Open
Terminal 2 26 Open Open
Terminal 2 27 Open Open
Terminal 2 28 Open Open
Terminal 3 36 Open Open

Edit: Changed the format

This is my first event, which I believe there will be mistakes, please reply if you see any.

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This will give you some information on how to format your thread and title:


@Gabe_Z Is it going to be on the 23rd of September (which is actually a Sunday), or on the 22nd (which is the Saturday you wanted)

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For me, it will be on Sunday and I am in Central Time Zone.

Btw, I fixed the mistake.

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I’ll go ahead and take a gate (assuming I can make it). Callsign: UVA-105 in a UAL 787-9

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There some changes to the topic, please reread again.

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If it’s on the 22nd I probably can’t make it

Sorry if you can’t make, 🙁

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3 Days until the event! There spots to join!

The Event has been Cancelled due no player to join.

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