Cancelled/Abort Takeoff with ATC Online

Hello, IFC

Just earlier today, I was on a flight with the CRJ 700. I was speeding down the runway for takeoff and then all of a sudden, the plane started tilting to the left before the plane even reached 100kts. I moved the ailerons to the right and it barely did anything. I came to the conclusion to abort the takeoff since I wasn’t at V1 speed yet. I’m pretty sure that is the right thing to do. I tried taking off again and the same results happened. I ended up canceling the flight. I’m pretty sure corrupt files were the problem and I’ll clear scenery cache later. But that is not what I created this topic for.

Now, here is my question:

If there was ATC online and say it was FNF, how do I say to abort takeoff if I need to?

I’ve searched, but couldn’t find any results that answer my question.



Funny, i’ve also wondered this for quite a while now… Should i just break and turn off the runway? 🤔

If it was FNF… You would just slow down and exit the runway… The IFATC Controller May give you a cancell takeoff procedure command and to exit the runway. I’ve seen it happen atleast once.

Remember that most controllers are understanding and that if they do ghost you for that, you can always just PM them and tell them the situation


Just like “go around” I believe they should have a feature where the pilot can press “aborting takeoff” and atc responds" roger, trun left and contact ground when off the runway."

So the typical/standard abort procedures should be used then…?

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Yep. Just exit the runway and request taxi to the gate or back to the runway.

I’ve seen some real aviation simmers out there and I’ve seen a few “Emergency Situations”

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So you can just exit the runway, contact ground, and request taxi to parking without being ghosted?

If your aircraft is going out of control just cancel the flight and jump back to the gate. It is probbably a glitch and not a fault with the aircraft because FDS has not implemented emergencies in game play.

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It wasn’t going out of control. It just tilted to the left and I grew suspicious. I wasn’t at V1 speed yet, so I just cancelled takeoff.

But my question was how to cancel takeoff in a crowded airspace with ATC.

Apply spoilers and brakes, reverse thrust if needed. Then, at the next taxiway turn and contact ground. Request taxi to parking. They’ll give you the clearance to taxi to parking and then you can get stuff sorted out.

Sounds like your not using your rudder. Wind can affect your aircraft in take off aswell and landings. In the unlikely event you do want to abort just slow down and exit the runaway. It is the job of the controller to maintain seperation and the runaway is clear.


I’m pretty sure rudder was for yaw but I was on tilt. So ailerons were the reasonable use.

Either way, I still aborted takeoff to solve my issue.

I would say spoilers max reverse. Get off the runway when able and contact Ground


No one should ghost for an aborted takeoff. What would be the infraction?


For those that did not read his post, he is not questioning why the plane did what it did…

I agree with @N1DG.

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You can’t announce an aborted takeoff, the best you could say is standby I assume.

So the conclusion is…

  1. Brake, add spoilers. And if needed reverse thrust.

  2. As you slow down exit the runway and contact ground controller.

  3. Request taxi back to gate “parking” or to the runway again, you do as you please.

Standard Abort/Cancel Takeoff procedures pretty much…


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When I have aborted takeoffs, I hesitate to issue the cancel command, I prefer to just give the exit if it’s clear they are aborting. I don’t think there’s really anything (as of now) that the pilot can say to indicate intent. But slowing to 40 knots does the job.

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Thanks, everyone!

I created this thread to make sure I know how to do the right thing just in case those small emergencies come up requiring me to abort the takeoff, but there is active ATC. I don’t want to risk getting ghosted.

If there is any other info that can be posted, then post it here. Otherwise, the thread can be closed. My question has been answered.

Also, can anyone else confirm that @Trio’s answer is also allowed with IFATC?