[CANCELLED]A380 Get together @ WSSS

Server: Training server 1

Region: Singapore

Airport: WSSS

Time: 1200z

NOTAM: You can use any runway for takeoff and landing

Hello everybody! Come join me this coming 12 of March 2017 for a short flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur from 1200 0100 Z! If all goes well, I’ll create more events like this. Do take note this is my first sometime creating an event so correct me if I’m wrong and if most peeps can’t make it on the time I’ve stated, I’ll change the timing to a more suitable one. Do hope to see you guys there and here’s the flight plan :

Try to keep your events in one thread. And post it in #live:events - wait until you are TL2 to do this aswell - just read and be constructive on the forum


You have to become TL2 to make events. Doesn’t take long. :)

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Please wait until you become a member (TL2) to create #live:events threads. Thanks in advance. :)

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Welcome to the community! Firstly, we would like to remind you that you aren’t able to post a #live:events Topic at the moment due to your trust level (Current TL : TL0, Required level : TL2). But don’t worry. Like Mats said, You would be able to make an event soon by reaching TL2. Some suggestions in order to reach TL2 :

  • Come to the forum frequently
  • Contribute in a good manner (Leave some useful replies and likes)
  • Read posts from the community

For more info about #live:events Category, you can check the link provided by Adrien above 😊

That’s all and enjoy your stay. See you in the skies someday! =)

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