(Cancelled)A319 Eurowings @EDDK 141630ZJAN19

  • Aircraft and Livery:Eurowings A319

  • Route: We will fly to EDDH!
    When you spawn, copy my FPL.
    I will spawn at Gate C06!
    My display name is Flips!

  • Time of Departure: 16:40z

  • Server:Training Server

  • Additional Information:
    We need ATC in EDDK and EDDH!

Hello! All Group Flights should be set up 3 hours before departure. I fixed your title as well. Please take a look at this topic below for future reference:

One you become TL2 (Member), you will be able to plan and create events like airport flyouts or huge group flights!

It is 3h before

By the looks of it, you put in the title JAN 19, 2019

Edit: I see you have fixed it. You are all good now! Have a fun group flight!

Sorry, I put the wrong date!

Would you like to participate?

Unfortunately I am currently flying on Infinite Flight so I can’t. Maybe next time!

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from where?

Köln-Bonn Intl

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