(Cancelled)A 787 formation @ KLAX - 101030ZAUG16

Formation flight
Server: Training

Region: Southern California

Airport: Klax

Time: 1030Z/8/16

NOTAM: Boeing 788 house livery
I’ll be there 5 min before
Follow my flight plan
Gate west g202c
Callsign SA2KW
Max speed 250kt
Don’t forget to use flight of

Please use the correct event format.

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What’s wrong??

The title for a start

Correct me it my first time.

It has to be something Like this
Name @Airport-DayTime(add Z after the time for zulu)MonthYear
For Example Fun Event @KLAX-171500ZAUG2016

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That what came with the event format. I didn’t delete anything

If the title was written like that then it would count as an event.

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Anyone coming?

Wrong date, 09 was yesterday

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