[CANCELLED] {9 attending} The Metropolis In The South ~ São Paulo @ SBGR - 201800ZOCT19

The Metropolis In The South ~ São Paulo

Server: Expert

Airport: SBGR

Time: 2019-10-20T18:00:00Z

NOTAM: Please spawn in at least 15 minutes before event. If you are late to the event, spawn in either way.

About São Paulo

São Paulo is the most populated city in both the southern and Western Hemisphere. From being one of the most poorest colony of Portugal to being the wealthiest in the Southern Hemisphere, the city has a very unique history. Being the largest and 4th visited city in South America, this city is truly the metropolis of the South.

About São Paulo Guarulhos Airport

Being the busiest airport in South America, the airport offers many routes across the world. From short hops to Rio to the other side of the world like Beijing, the airport has a unique diversity of destinations.


All of these routes are chosen from REAL life routes and former routes. IF you do not find your flight or it uses a different aircraft in FlightAware, Flightradar24, etc, those are former routes/aircrafts used to São Paulo.

I tried making it as realistic as possible

Gates Assignments

IMPORTANT!!!: All Gates Have Pre-Assigned routes, if you wish to fly another flight listed in the routes section, just ask.

Terminal 1 (Domestic)

All Routes from Terminal 1

Azul Brazilian Airlines: Belo Horizonte–Confins (E195), Brasília (E195), Cuiabá (E195), Curitiba (E195), Florianópolis (E195), Juazeiro do Norte (E195), Porto Alegre (E195), Rio de Janeiro–Santos Dumont (E195), Vitória (E195)

Gates available at Terminal 1
Gate Livery Aircraft Destination User
101 Azul E195 Brasilia (SBBR)
102 Azul E195 Rio de Janeiro–Santos Dumont (SBRJ)
103 Azul E195 Florianópolis (SBFL)
104 Azul E195 Porto Alegre (SBPA)

Terminal 2 (Domestic and International)

All Routes from Terminal 2

Aerolíneas Argentinas: Buenos Aires–Ezeiza (737-800)

Aeroméxico: Mexico City (787-8)

Air Europa: Madrid (787-9)

Avianca: Bogotá (787-8)

Copa Airlines: Panama City (737-800)

Delta Air Lines: Atlanta (A330-300), Detroit (A330-300), New York–JFK (767-300), Orlando (767-300)

Ethiopian Airlines: Addis Ababa (787-8), Buenos Aires–Ezeiza (787-8)

Gol Transportes Aéreos: Aracaju (737-800), Asunción (737-700/737-800), Belém (737-800), Belo Horizonte–Confins (737-700/737-800), Brasília (737-700/737-800), Buenos Aires–Ezeiza (737-700/737-800), Caldas Novas (737-700/737-800), Campo Grande (737-800), Chapecó (737-800), Cuiabá (737-700/737-800), Curitiba (737-700/737-800), Florianópolis (737-800), Fortaleza (737-800), Foz do Iguaçu (737-700/737-800), Goiânia (737-800), Ilhéus (737-700), João Pessoa (737-700/737-800), Juazeiro do Norte (737-800), Londrina (737-800), Maceió (737-700/737-800), Manaus (737-800), Maringá (737-800), Mendoza (737-800), Montes Claros (737-700), Montevideo (737-800), Natal (737-800), Navegantes (737-800), Petrolina (737-800), Porto Alegre (737-700/737-800), Porto Seguro (737-700/737-800), Punta Cana (737-800), Quito (737-800), Recife (737-800), Rio de Janeiro–Galeão (737-800), Rio de Janeiro–Santos Dumont (737-700/737-800), Salvador da Bahia (737-700/737-800), Santiago de Chile (737-800), Santa Cruz de la Sierra–Viru Viru (737-800), São Luís (737-800), Teresina (737-800), Uberlândia (737-800), Vitória (737-800)

LATAM: Belo Horizonte–Confins (A320), Belém (A320), Brasília (A320), Campo Grande (A320), Curitiba (A320), Fortaleza (A320), Goiânia (A320), João Pessoa (A320), Londrina (A320), Maceió (A320), Montevideo (A320), Natal (A320), Porto Alegre (A320), Porto Seguro (A320), Porto Velho (A320), Recife (A320), Rio de Janeiro–Galeão (A320), Salvador da Bahia (A320)

LAN: Lima (767-300)

Royal Air Maroc: Casablanca (787-8)

TAM: Campo Grande (A319), Goiana (A319), Ilhéus (A319), Navegantes (A319), Rio de Janeiro–Santos Dumont (A319), Salvador da Bahia (A319), Teresina (A319)

Gates available at Terminal 2
Gate Livery Aircraft Destination User
106 Royal Air Maroc 787-8 Casablanca (GMNN)
107 TAM A319 Teresina (SBTE) @Ecoops123
108 Avianca 787-8 Bogata (SKBO) @Sebastian9915
110 Aeroméxico 787-8 Mexico City (MMMX)
112 Delta A330 Atlanta (KATL) @Gtmkm98
202 Ethiopian 787-8 Addis Abba (HABB)
204 Air Europa 787-9 Madrid (LEMD)
207 Aerolineas 737-800 Buenos Aires–Ezeiza (SAEZ)
208 Copa Airlines 737-800 Panama City (MPTO) @Carlo-Espino10
209 GOL 737-800 Quito (SEQM)
210 LATAM A320 Brasília (SBBR)
211 LAN 767-300 Lima (SPJC)
212 GOL 737-800 Rio de Janeiro-Santos Dumont (SBRJ)
301 LATAM A320 Uberlandia (SBUL)
302L GOL 737-800 Porto Seguro (SBPS)
302R LATAM A320 Salvador da Bahia (SBSV)
303 GOL 737-700 Montes Carlos (SBMK)
304 TAM A319 Navegantes (SBNF)
305 LATAM A320 Fortaleza (SBFZ)
306 TAM A319 Campo Grande (SBCG)
307 GOL 737-800 Goiana (SBGO)
308 Copa Airlines 737-800 Panama City (MPTO)
309 TAM A319 Rio de Janeiro–Santos Dumont (SBRJ)
310 GOL 737-800 Petrolina (SBPL)
311 LATAM A320 Porto Velho (SBPV)
312 GOL 737-700 Ilheus (SBIL)
401 LATAM A320 Rio de Janeiro–Galeão (SBGL)
402 Delta A330 Detroit (KDTW)
403 Delta 767-300 Orlando (KMCO)
404 LATAM A320 Londrina (SBLO)
405 Delta 767-300 New York-John F. Kennedy (KJFK)
406 GOL 737-800 Rio de Janeiro–Galeão (SBGL)

Terminal 3 (International)

All routes from Terminal 3

Air Canada: Toronto–Pearson (787-9), Montréal–Trudeau (787-9)

Air China: Beijing–Capital (Via Madrid) (787-9)

Air France: Paris–Charles de Gaulle (777-200ER/777-300ER)

Alitalia: Rome–Fiumicino (777-200ER)

American Airlines: Dallas/Fort Worth (777-300ER), Los Angeles (787-9), Miami (777-200ER/777-300ER), New York–JFK (777-300ER)

British Airways: London–Heathrow (747-400/777-300ER)

Emirates: Dubai–International (A380-800)

Etihad: Abu Dhabi (Former route) (A340/777-300ER)

KLM: Amsterdam (777-300ER)

LATAM: Buenos Aires–Ezeiza (A320-200), Santiago de Chile (A320/787-9), Tel Aviv (787-9)

Lufthansa: Frankfurt (747-8), Munich (A340)

Qatar Airways: Buenos Aires–Ezeiza (777-200LR), Doha (777-200LR)

South African Airways: Johannesburg–O. R. Tambo (A340)

Swiss International Air Lines: Zürich (777-300ER)

TAM: Frankfurt (777-300ER), London–Heathrow (777-300ER), Madrid (777-300ER), Miami (777-300ER)

Turkish Airlines: Buenos Aires–Ezeiza (777-300ER), Istanbul (777-300ER)

United Airlines: Chicago–O’Hare (777-200ER), Houston–Intercontinental (767-300), Newark (777-200ER), Washington–Dulles (767-300)

Gates available at Terminal 3
Gate Livery Aircraft Destination User
114 Qatar 777-200LR Doha (OTHH)
408 British Airways 747-400 London-Heathrow (EGLL)
410 Air China 787-9 Beijing (Via Madrid (LEMD) (ZBAA)
501 LATAM A320 Buenos Aires–Ezeiza (SAEZ)
502 United 767-300 Houston-Intercontinental (KIAH)
503 KLM 777-300ER Amsterdam-Schiphol (EHAM)
505 Air Canada 787-9 Toronto-Pearson (CYYZ)
507 Air Canada 787-9 Montreal-Trudeau (CYUL)
508 Air France 777-200ER Paris-Charles de Gaulle (LFPG)
509 Turkish 777-300ER Istanbul (LFTM)
510 American 777-300ER Miami (KMIA) @United2
511 United 777-200ER Chicago O’Hare (KORD)
601 United 767-300 Washington-Dulles (KIAD) @United_1154
602 TAM 777-3000ER Miami (KMIA) @A350iscool
603 Emirates A380 Dubai (OMDB)
604 Etihad A340 Abu Dhabi (OMAA)
605 American 777-300ER Dallas-Fort Worth (KDFW) @BadPlane
606 Lufthansa A340 Munich (EDDM)
607 Lufthansa 747-8 Frankfurt (EDDF) @Captain_JR
608 Swiss 777-300ER Zürich (LSZH)
609 Alitalia 777-200ER Rome-Leonardo da Vinci (LIRF) @Voyager456
610 American 777-300ER Los Angeles (KLAX)
611 LATAM 787-8 Tel Aviv (LLBG)
612 South African A340 Johannesburg (FAOR)

American 777-300ER Miami (KMIA) please

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You have gate 510

Can I get this, but with the 777?

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Copa Airlines - Panamá (MPTO)

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Rebooked you to here, sorry that was an error, fixed it!

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If you need pilots for this event in Brazil, I would probably share it with IFBR! The Brazilian community is one of the biggest here, so it should be a good idea to share with them!

I know @Mauricio_B is in there, so maybe you could ask him to spread this around their group!

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I don’t know the IFBR community much, are you in it by any chance?

I’ll take this gate :)

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Hello. May I get a gate as a United 767 to IAD? Thx

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I don’t, but the person I mentioned above knows :-)

Maybe DM him?

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Can I have a Anerican 77W to DFW?

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You have gate 605, thank you

Now with the new 19.3 scenery I think the event is even better!!!


I’ll take Gate 108
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