(Cancelled)[9 attending ] London Heathrow fly out @EGLL 222200ZJUN19

Is this on June 22 or 21? In the title it says the 22nd but in the event details it says the 21st.

It’s 2019-06-21T22:00:00Z

I think it’s because it gives you the time from your time zone I don’t know


I’ll take a BA A318 to Dublin. Terminal 3 Gate 313

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You’ve got thanks for signing up

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I’ll take 307 Qantas to YPPH, a380 or a350 if its out by then

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The Perth route is already taken sorry

Then I’ll change to singapore airlines to WSSS, same aircraft situation

Ok I’ll just put you up for the A380 for now thanks for signing up

Yea thanks for organizing!

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I’ll have T5 Gate 547 in a British airways 787-9 to KBWI. BAW 229

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Sure thing I’ll sign you up

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I’d attend but it’s a little late for me. If you can change the time though just let me know!

Hi again. May I change to a United 767 to EWR? Thx. It’s just better on my schedule too.

Ok I’ll change it for you

So, the LHR-YYT route is currently (although now grounded) operated by the Air Canada B38M, but it has been flown by their A319s and A321s before, so, can I take a gate with the Air Canada A319 to St. John’s International Airport?

For proof that it was a real flight, you can search up AC823

Sure can I sign you up for any gate

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Yes. I believe Air Canada flies out of Terminal 2, so if that works. I’ll be flying to YYT with the A319

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I’ll take Gate 307 heading to Grenada (TGPY) in a 787-9, which is a seasonal flight operated around the summer time.

Isn’t it already a fly out tho since of the massive amount of traffic

I’ll sign you up see you there