[Cancelled] 787 flybys @ KSFO - 140900ZAUG16

Server: Casual 2

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KSFO

Time: 0900Z

NOTAM: Come in the Boeing 787 (house colors livery) and do some fun flybys


Ground: @GreenGuy
Tower: @GreenGuy
Approach: @JGK00
Departure: @sk28

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Count me in!

This certainly wont be as busy as my last event 😂

I think I might come, so count me in.

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Remember me. I am in witg 777-300ER

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Departure please!

Yup, your departure

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We have more ATC than pilots 😂

I’m going now.

Who changed the time?

I corrected it to the proper format. No time has been changed.

Thanks, although I think the time changed, because before it was 12:00 (NZST) and now it’s 21:00 (NZST)

It’s 0900Z, just like in your post.

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Ok, but I swear earlier it was 12:00… never mind, at least everyone knows.

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I’ll be off then…

How long is it from this moment?

Long away I mean

A few minutes, I’m there already.

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Just crashed

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Contact DEP after takeoff