(CANCELLED)40,000 IFC Members Celebration Flight @ KJFK - 291815ZOCT17

Server: *Training server 1

Airport: *KFJK

Time: *1815Z

**NOTAM: This is a formation flight from New York to Chicago to celebrate Infinite Flight Community’s 40,000 users. You can come in any aircraft (commercial,military) please let me know what aircraft you would like to come in and tell me your callsign thank you hope to see you there !

.Terminal 4 Gate B38:

Terminal 4 Gate B41:

.Terminal 4 Gate B36:

Terminal 4 Gate B34:

Terminal 4 Gate B39

Terminal 4 Gate B37

Terminal 4 Gate B32

Terminal 4 Gate B35

(More gates can be added if needed )

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Ifinate flight community -check yourself re spellling.


Sorry first time doing this so sorry


Please follow the proper event format:

I have properly formatted the title for you this time. Please do not change it.


P.S if you see that Ewan edited the title, it’s due to a mod hiding the edit history. Long and complicated


Thank you so much this is my first event thanks for helping me out


Cool event, (I didn’t realise we were already @40000!


Would you like to come I will sign you if you want just tell the gate you would like !

Sorry but no, the time doesn’t suit :/ have fun tho

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I don’t see the point of another 40,000 member flight, I’ll look into making it
(And can you add the real times for certain time zones, like right next to the Zulu time, put like 11:00 AM PST (made that up) or something like that so people know exactly the time when it is, only in the post though, not in the title)

Thanks for the advice I will take that into account for my next event !

TBH… We had an event (Landing Comp) so I dont see a point either in making another one.


Sorry didn’t realise that a other event was happening so sorry as you can see have cancelled it now thanks Mackenzie

Just reformat your presented event. Mimic the other successful layouts provided by other event coordinators. Its fine to have an event if it’s similar to, or even inadvertently replicating a past event. It’s just protocol to keep things tidy. Go for it.

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