[CANCELLED] 27AUG20 / 300Z - Lets fly into Laura! @KLCH

Lake Charles Airport. KLCH

Route: KLCH-South

Server: Casual

Time: in 1 hour 2020-08-27T03:00:00Z

Aircraft: TBM 930

Come join me as we go track into Hurricane Laura! We will load into KLCH and fly south low across the ground into the hurricane!
Winds currently are about 150mph in the eye of the storm!

We can fly a different plane if anyone wants to

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X-Cub X-Cub! Jk

We could fly an X-Cub but it’ll take a while to reach the storm 😂

We won’t get off the ground 😂

Can I fly the Citation? It’s sturdier

There’s so many people in the storm rn


I’m gonna go fly into it

At 8:00 PST right?

Yeah and right now

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Ok I’ll wait until the flight

30 minutes!

How about the C-130 J “Hurricane Hunters” 53rd WRS out of Keesler AFB , MS. ( KBIX )

These are the planes that currently fly different Hurricane Recon missions for Hurricane Laura!

Actual Hurricane surveillance and penetration mission profiles are available .


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We could do that maybe

I’m gonna have to call it off. I can’t attend anymore. Sorry everyone

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