[CANCELLED] 25JUL21 / 1300Z - GAVA Presents: Exploring Asia Vol.6 @ZBAA

Hey everyone!
It’s a new month, it’s a new event. We are now more than halfway into our event series Exploring Asia! This month we are flying domestic, using the beautiful Air China livery to fly from Beijing to Chengdu. Chengdu is a city famous for its Sochuan food and is home to the famous Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, where visitors can see endangered giant pandas in their natural habitat. It’s definitely worth a visit, so we hope to see you there!

Event Information

Date: July 25th, 2021
Time: 2021-07-25T13:00:00Z
Departure Airport: Beijing (PEK/ZBAA)
Arrival Airport: Chengdu (CTU/ZUUU)
Livery: Air China
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Flight Time: 02:10

Gate Assignents

More gates will be added if necessary!

Gate Pilot Callsign
Gate 319 @Arish_Mehta Indonesia 005VA
Gate 320 @Irfan_Adikurniawan Indonesia 109VA
Gate 321 @CamelGuy Indonesia 111VA
Gate 322 @Aviation-21 Indonesia 006VA
Gate 323
Gate 324
Gate 325
Gate 326
Gate 327
Gate 328
Gate 329
Gate 330

Flight Details

Before Pushback
  • Fuel: 26, 800 lbs
  • Passengers: 114
  • Cargo: 3, 400 lbs
  • Flight Plan: Copy from Indonesia 005VA
Pushback and Taxi
  • Pushback in order of gates assigned
  • Taxi speeds: Max 20kts in straights, max 10kts in turns
Takeoff and Climb
  • Takeoff Runway: -
  • Start Takeoff Roll once person ahead reaches 2000ft AGL
  • V1: 131kts VR: 136kts V2: 140kts
  • SID: -
  • Climb Rate: 3000fpm until FL100 / 2000fpm until FL280 / 1500fpm until Cruise (adjust if necessary)
  • Climb Speeds: 240kts until FL100 / 293kts until FL280 / M0.78 until Cruise
  • Cruise Altitude: FL321
  • Cruise Speed: M0.78
Descent and Landing
  • Descent: Refer to VNAV
  • STAR: -
  • Approach: -
  • Landing Runway: -
  • After Landing exit - and follow the others to the gate

This event is brought to you by Garuda Indonesia Virtual. Check us out via the link below:
Garuda Indonesia Virtual


I’ll take a gate!! Indonesia 005VA

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Woohooo! Gate assigned 😎

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I can take ZBAA and ZUUU local and @Korgast can handle the departure and approach.


lets go!! i’ll take a gate too, Indonesia 109VA


That’s amazing thank you very much!

@Irfan_Adikurniawan gate assigned

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Thank you so much!

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i want too the gate please… Indonesia 111VA

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Gate assigned thanks for coming!

I’ll take a gate! Indonesia 006VA

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Gate assigned

@Irfan_Adikurniawan @CamelGuy sadly we have to cancel the event due to a lack of staff availability. We are very sorry about that!

@FlightGT @Korgast same for you two. Thank you for providing ATC service, but unfortunately we need to cancel today. Sorry


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