(CANCELLED) 21MAY22/ 1730Z - Plane Spotting OPEN CALL! @ KDFW


Dallas Home to many people! Also the lone star state :D! Hope to see you there!

Sport Teams

Logo_Release Dallas Mavericks

Texas Rangers
Dallas Stars


Gate Destination Airline/Livery Plane Pilot
A1 San Diego American Airlines 737-800
A2 La Guradia American Airlines A320-200
A3 John F. Kennedy American Airlines A320-200
A4 Miami American Airlines 757-200
A5 Los Angeles American Airlines 757-200
A6 Honolulu, Hawaii American Airlines 787-9
A7 Seattle American Airlines 737-800
A9 San Diego American Airlines 737-800
A10 Phoniex American Airlines A321-200


Arrival Gate From Airline/Livery Plane Pilot
Any San Diego American Airlines 737-800
Any Cape Town Qatar Airlines A350-300
Any Dubai Emirates Airlines 777-300
Any London Heathrow Emirates Airlines 777-300
Any London Heathrow British Airways 777-300

Any More Flights to make this more realistic. Please look at flightradar24!

Airport Charts are linked below :)


Spotting Video for my channel is being made so if you can make it tomorrow it would be awesome!

Ft. Worth Center:

Why did you copy and paste from another website instead of formulating it into your own words?

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Sorry about that. Won’t happen again.

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Little Bump :D

Is it already ongoing?

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no it will begin in like 4 hrs or so.

Looks fun I’m interested

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Cool! Hope to see you there

I’ll take GTS

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Awesome thank you so much!

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Spawning in

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@NvAviator Event does not start for another 4 hrs sorry for the confusion.

Ohhh just noticed the change

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Event starts in about 2 hours!

Hey all event starts in 45 minutes hope to see you there!

I will not be making a video anymore. I have a huge family thing going on. See you guys in the next one.

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