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Hosted by @TheGynSpotter

Be welcome to Brasilia Juscelino Kubitscheck Airport, which serves the capital of Brazil. It is the 3rd largest airport by number of passengers in Brazil, receiving 19.8 million passengers in 2015, just behind of São Paulo Congonhas (SBSP) and Guarulhos (SBGR). Since it is the capital of the country, it offers flights to all state capitals of Brazil, being a hub for connecting passenger flights from various cities. It serves as a hub for the two biggest airlines in Brazil: Latam and GOL, that have a massive network departing from Brasília. As a part of the 61st anniversary of this beautiful city (April 21st), we will organize this event on the city´s airport!

Source: https://www.bsb.aero/arquivo/galeria/2018/07/30/2188.jpg
About airlines operating or that operated on the terminal, we have a big list for it: Latam, GOL, Azul, Avianca, Webjet, Varig, Sideral Cargo, Lufthansa Cargo, Air France, American Airlines, Delta, Aerolineas Argentinas, Copa Airlines, TAP and others. It has a large network, including flights different countries in South America, the Caribbean, North America and Europe.

                           Event Information

In the time of the event, we will be using 2 of the 4 runways of the airport (11L/R or 29LR). According to the real life operations, parallel takeoffs and landings are allowed and can happen. We will be using the unique terminal that we have, and that are divided in North Concourse, Central Concourse and South Concourse. We recommend spawing in the airport 10/15 minutes before departure schedule. Always remember to respect others users present at the moment of the event.


There is Brasilia Airport Chart (note that this is a bit outdated, I couldn´t find the newest one).

                              Event Details

Server: Expert Server

Airport: Brasilia - Juscelino Kubitscheck Airport (BSB/SBBR)

Date and Time: April 21st, 1700Z

                           Gate Assignments
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North Concourse (Asa Norte)
Gate     Destination       Airline       Aircraft       Time
 01      Paris(LFPG)     Air France      B777-200       10:30
 02      Cancun(MMUN)*       GOL         B737-800       08:00
 03      Atlanta(KATL)     Delta         B767-300       09:00
 04      Orlando(KMCO)     Delta         B757-200       08:10
 05      Miami(KMIA)      American       B757-200       07:45
 07      Guarulhos(SBGR)    Varig        B777-200       01:50
 08      Maceió(SBMO)   Avianca Brasil   A320-200       02:05   @TheGynSpotter
 09      Goiania(SBGO)       GOL         B737-800       00:35
 10      Vitória(SBVT)       GOL         B737-700       01:45
 11      Boa Vista(SBBV)     GOL         B737-800       03:50
 12     Ilhéus(SBIL)**   Avianca Brasil  A318-100       02:00
 13      Curitiba(SBCT)      GOL         B737-800       02:10 
 14   São Paulo(SBSP)  Avianca Brasil    A320-200       01:45  
 15   Rio De Janeiro(SBRJ)** GOL         B737-700       01:45   @SWA1997  
 16   Belo Horizonte(SBCF)   Azul      Embraer 195      01:20
 17      Recife(SBRF)        Azul        A320-200       02:30

*This flight may need a stopover in Manaus (SBEG) for refueling
**Tip: If you want some adrenaline, I recommend SBRJ and SBIL due to their short runways

Central Concourse (Corpo Central)
Gate     Destination       Airline       Aircraft       Time
 18      Marabá(SBMA)      Latam         A319-100       02:10
 19      Campinas(SBKP)     Azul       Embraer 195      01:45
 20      Lisbon(LPPT)       TAP          A330-300*      09:10
 21  Ribeirão Preto(SBRP)  Webjet        B737-800       01:20
 22   Florianópolis(SBFL)  Latam         A321-200**     02:00 
 23     Guarulhos(SBGR)    Latam         A320-200       01:50

*Since IF doesn´t have a TAP A333 Livery, you can use Generic Livery
**A321 in Generic Livery. You can fly it on the A319/320 too.

South Concourse (Asa Sul)
Gate      Destination      Airline       Aircraft       Time
 24      Fortaleza(SBFZ)    Latam        A320-200       02:30
 25        Cuiabá(SBCY)     Latam        A319-100       01:30
 26        Salvador(SBSV)   Latam        A320-200       02:05
 27   Campo Grande(SBCG)    Latam        A320-200       01:25
 28       Imperatriz(SBIZ)  Latam        A320-200       01:40
 29       Manaus(SBEG)       GOL         B737-800       02:45
 30      Teresina(SBTE)      GOL         B737-800       02:00
 31       Goiânia(SBGO)     Latam        A319-100       00:30   @Neto_Campelo
 32   Porto Alegre(SBPA)     GOL         B737-700       02:25
 33       Belém(SBBE)        GOL         B737-800       02:20
 34     Santarém(SBSN)      Latam        A319-100       02:15
 35    Porto Velho(SBPV)    Latam        A320-200       02:45
 36     Rio Galeao(SBGL)    Latam        A320-200       01:25
 37       Natal(SBSG)        GOL         B737-800       02:25
 38      Carajás(SBCJ)       GOL         B737-700       01:45
Remote Stands
Gate      Destination     Airline       Aircraft       Time
 39  João Pessoa(SBJP) Avianca Brasil   A320-200       02:25
 40  Porto Seguro(SBPS)    Webjet       B737-800       01:40
 41  Rio de Janeiro(SBRJ)   Azul       Embraer 195     01:45
 47  Panama City(MPTO)  Copa Airlines   B737-800       05:55
 48  Buenos Aires(SAEZ)   Aerolineas    B737-800       03:35
 49   Santiago(SCEL)        LAN         A319-100       04:20
 50    Miami(KMIA)***       GOL         B737-800       07:50
 51  Santo Domingo(MDSD)    GOL         B737-800       06:05

***In real life, this flight need a stop for refueling in Punta Cana (MDPC) or in Santo Domingo - Las Américas (MDSD)

Cargo Stands
Gate       Destination      Airline      Aircraft       Time
 52A     Luxembourg(ELLX)  Cargolux       B747-8        10:35    
 54        Manaus(SBEG)    VarigLog       MD-11F        03:10
 55        Dakar (GOBD) Lufthansa Cargo   MD-11F        06:10
 57  Caldas Novas(SBCN) Two Taxi Aereo  Cessna 208      01:15
                         Other Information:
Important recommendations
  • Spawn 15/10 minutes before scheduled time of departure

  • Respect Unicom or IFATC if present, and the others users on the airport

  • As just the organizer of the event, I will not be responsible for violations or report received during the event

  • Enjoy the event and have fun!!!

If you want a gate on this event, please reply this Topic. See you all there! Nice Flights =)

Lets go explore this beautiful country called: BRAZIL!!


This one pls

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Sure! Gate 15 is all yours! Thanks for joining!

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Thank you
And this date is my actual Birthday

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Lets go guys! Brazil may look like a boring country to fly in IF, but I guarantee there are beautiful airports and cities with amazing approaches to explore! Lets go discover Brazil!!!

For me please

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Thanks for joining! Gate 31 to Goiânia now is yours!

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Let´s go guys! 13 days left for the event!

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