(Cancelled)20MAR21 / 2200Z - Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Welcoming Our New President @ KROA

Welcoming our New President

If you haven’t heard, @Balloonchaser has stepped down from his position of President of IFGAC (Infinite Flight General Aviation Club). We are very grateful for all he has done for the Club and thank him for years of hard work.
We would like the community to join us in welcoming the new President of IFGAC, @USA_ATC! Blake is a student pilot IRL with an extensive knowledge of General Aviation, and we are looking forward to him leading the Club down a prosperous path.
This event will be a short scenic group flight between Blake’s home airports, KROA and KMTV.

Event Details

Server - Expert Server

Aircraft - Cessna 172, Cessna 208, Cirrus SR22, XCub

Departure Airport - Roanoke Airport (KROA)

Arrival Airport - Martinsville-Blue Ridge Airport (KMTV)

Departure Time - 2200Z - 2021-03-20T22:00:00Z (Automatically Converts to Your Local Time)

Estimated Flight Time - TBD (No Longer Than 30 Minutes)

Flight Details

Cruising Speed - 140 kts

Cruising Altitude - 3,500 ft

Maintain 3-5 NM of Spacing


Reserving a gate is quick, easy, and open to ALL pilots in the Infinite Flight Community! Simply reply with the aircraft you would like to take.

Gate Pilot Aircraft IFGAC
GA Apron 31 @USA_ATC SR22 Yes
GA Apron 32 @RTG113 C172 Yes
GA Apron 33 @Flightistic C172 Yes
GA Apron 34 @Flyi2128 C172 Yes
GA Apron 35 @Alex_E C172 Yes
GA Apron 36 @N/A N/A N/A
GA Apron 37 @United2 C208 Yes
GA Apron 38
GA Apron 39

More will be added if needed!

Check Out the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club


Club Thread - IFGAC - Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | New & Improved. [Official Thread]

Club Website - http://if-gaclub.rf.gd/?i=2

Event by @RTG113


I’ll take this gate in the C172!


Hey there! Can I grab Apron 34 in a 172 IFGAC callsign Merlin? Can’t wait, thanks!


I’ll fly the trusty SR22 for this one. I gotta remaster it today I suppose XD!

Thanks Rocco for making this!

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Looks good guys!

Drop me in as a strong maybe in the C172, it’ll be a 6am departure for me but I’ve missed GA events so it’s worth it :)


New Signup’s

Gate Pilot Aircraft IFGAC
GA Apron 33 @Flightistic C172 Yes
GA Apron 34 @Flyi2128 C172 Yes
GA Apron 35 @Alex_E C172 Yes

I’ll take a gate in the C172


New Signup!

Gate Pilot Aircraft IFGAC
GA Apron 36 @bbrockairbus C172 Yes

I’ll try and make it. I grab a C208 if I can. Thanks!


New Signup!!

Gate Pilot Aircraft IFGAC

|GA Apron 37| @United2 |C208| Yes

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When should we spawn?

Start spawning in shortly, I’m unable to attend anymore.

We’re pushing the event back to 2021-03-20T22:00:00Z if that works for others :)

I was unable to do 2021-03-20T19:00:00Z

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30min till event!! Last min signups are welcome!


Few min remaining spawn in!


Lack of attendance.

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