[CANCELLED] 15OCT21 / 0600Z - Military Airshow @KEDW

The First Military Airshow!!

Presented by the GAEC

Contestants will be competing against each other with tricks, spins and landings!

Contestants, Judges and Viewers will all meet at @KEDW in the Casual Server with a F-14, F-16 C, F-22 or a F/A-18. On 2021-10-15T06:00:00Z.

Rules: Each contestant will have 2 minutes to the best they can, the timer starts the second they take-off, judges will carefully watch and give each move a score, to complete the the entry, you must successfully land. Note, judges will also be rating your landing.


1st place: 650 GAEC points
2nd place: 500 GAEC points
3rd place: 300 GAEC points

What are GAEC points?

GAEC points are points that can be used for all events made by the GAEC, you can redeem these points for special perks, pm @hyperavation via discord of IFC

  • N/A | 2-1
  • N/A | 2-2
  • N/A | 2-3
  • N/A | 2-4

@Ben_Bino | F-14 | Q-1
Contestant 2 | | Q-2
Contestant 3 | | Q-3
Contestant 4 | | Q-4
Contestant 5 | | Q-5
Contestant 6 | | Q-6
Contestant 7 | | Q-7
Contestant 8 | | Q-8
Contestant 9 | | P-2
Contestant 10 | | P-3
Contestant 11 | | P-4
Contestant 12 | | P-5
Contestant 13 | | P-6
Contestant 14 | | P-7
Contestant 15 | | P-8
Contestant 16 | | P-9
Contestant 17 | | O-1
Contestant 18 | | O-2
Contestant 19 | | O-3
Contestant 20 | | O-4

To become a Judge you must be at least Grade 3 and pm via Discord of IFC me personally.

Rules for photo taking: You may take whatever media and photos you like as long as the person you’re taking a photo/video of, is okay with it!

Good luck soldiers! See you there!


Hold on, it’s just the F-14?

Edit: Hey, by the way, I would look for ways to improve your event. I for one co-wrote this guide on how to host an Airshow within Infinite Flight. Give it a look (It’s in the “Other Events” section). If there’s any questions, I or @DeltaMD88Fan may be able to help.

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The Airshow is on the 9th of October and I am IRL going to be there

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Only F14?

Time doesn’t work for me either way

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I’ll add an F-16, maybe we can make a second time so it works for you.

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Sounds cool! Have fun!

I added the F16! I’ll look into the topic!

Sign me up! Ill take an F14.


Awesome! You’ll get your gate within the next few days.

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Thanks I will
I will be taking videos and pictures

I will be attending for sure 🙏🏾

Your going to be at Edwards AFB? I think you maybe confused on the years. They cancelled the Air show at Foxfield and Edwards this year. They limited access to base as well I do believe. We are in Bravo and not Charlie as of yesterday 10.6.21

That’s great to hear!

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I was talking about Ellington Airfield here in Houston

Phewww scared me for a second. Don’t forget to share pictures with us

Most definitely I will

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I have posted my experience at the show!!
Should be approved

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Can’t wait to see it

Here it is

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This event has been officially cancelled. Apologies to those who have signed up.

Thank you,

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