[CANCELLED] 08MAY21 / 1700Z - The Nantucket Flyout @KACK


Welcome to the Nantucket Flyout!

Welcome to my second event! If you like shorter flights or flying GA/private aircraft, then this is a perfect flyout for you! Continue reading for more information about the airport and event details!

About Nantucket Memorial Airport:

Nantucket Memorial Airport (IATA: ACK, ICAO: KACK) is an airport on the south side of Nantucket, an island located just south of Massachusetts. It is the second-busiest airport in the state, after Boston Logan International Airport, due to its intense corporate travel as well as heightened tourism during the summer months. The airport serves 10 passenger airlines including the “big 3” US airlines (United, American, and Delta), as well as a single cargo airline, FedEx Feeder. Nantucket also offers some great scenery to fly into or out of!
More About KACK


Date & Time: 2021-05-08T17:00:00Z
Server: Expert Server
Airport: KACK
Runway(s) In Use: TBD




Main Terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
01 Delta Connection CRJ-200 KLGA - New York/LaGuardia
02 United Express CRJ-700 KEWR - New York/Newark
03 JetBlue E190 KDCA - Washington/Reagan @zion89
04 American A320 KCLT - Charlotte
North Apron (Cape Air)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
North Apron 06 Cape Air TBM-930 KBOS - Boston
North Apron 07 Cape Air TBM-930 KJFK - New York/Kennedy
North Apron 08 Cape Air TBM-930 KHPN - White Plains
North Apron 09 Cape Air TBM-930 KMVY - Martha’s Vineyard

Cape Air aircraft should use the Sea Blue livery on the TBM-930.

Center Apron (GA & Private Aircraft)
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
Center Apron 01 Any GA Aircraft Pilot Choice
Center Apron 03 Any GA Aircraft Pilot Choice
Center Apron 05 Any GA Aircraft Pilot Choice
Center Apron 07 Citation X Pilot Choice
Center Apron 09 Citation X Pilot Choice


Be aware of your surroundings at all times while on the ground and in the air.
Make sure you are properly using the Unicom frequency to announce what you are or will be doing.
Maintain at least a 3nm and 1000ft separation with aircraft behind or ahead of you
And have fun!

I hope you enjoy this event! Feel free to leave any suggestions or comments for me below.

Can I have this gate

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Of course! Thanks for signing up!

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