[CANCELLED] 04OCT20 / 1600Z - The Air Capital Fly-in @KICT!


The Air Capital Fly-In!

Hello everybody! I haven’t hosted an event anytime recently, so I figured I’d do one! This is a smaller event, as it has been a while, so it feels like my “first event”. Any feedback on how to improve is encouraged! 🙂

I decided on a fly-in as they are less frequently seen, and its great to have a bustling arrival airport! I ultimately decided to go with my home airport because of its small size, but still a variety of routes.

About Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower Airport

  • it is used as a commercial airport and a ga airport
  • a total of 7 airline fly here from many different places around the US
  • 3 runways, with the largest being able to (theoretically) handle 747s and A380s

Green: commercial
Yellow: standby
Orange: Cargo
Red: GA

Server: Expert (Please respect Unicom)
Arrival Airport: KICT
Date & Time: 2020-10-04T16:00:00Z


Gate Airlines Route(s) Aircraft(s)
Gate 1 Delta Atlanta/ Minneapolis 717/CRJ9
Gate 2 Delta Atlanta/Minneapolis 717/CRJ9
Gate 3 Allegiant Las Vegas/Pheonix Goodyear/ Destin-Fort beach/Orlando Sanford A320
Gate 4 Southwest Denver/St. Louis 737/738
Gate 5 Southwest Denver/St. Louis 737/738
Gate 6 American Dallas/Chicago CRJ7/CRJ9/E175
Gate 7 American Dallas/Chicago CRJ7/CRJ9/E175
Gate 8 United Denver/Houston/Chicago CRJ2/CRJ7/E170/A320/738
Gate 9 United Denver/Houston/Chicago CRJ2/CRJ7/E170/A320/738
Gate 10 Frontier Denver A320/A321
Gate 11 Alaska Seattle A320/739

Note: Southwest routes from KLAS and KPHX available upon request. (IRL they are temporarily suspended)

Cargo gates

Gate Airline Route Aircraft
Ramp 1 Boeing Everett 747-8f boeing freight
Ramp 2 Pilot Choice
Ramp 3 Pilot Choice
Ramp 4A FedEx Memphis DC-10F/MD-11F
Ramp 4B UPS Louisville MD-11F/A330
Ramp 3A FedEx Garden City C208
Ramp 3A DHL Pilot choice C208
Ramp 5 Pilot choice
Ramp 6 Pilot choice

Remote gates
There are 4 remote gates, which will be used if you are on standby for the event (i.e. you are not sure if you can make it or not)

GA gates
There are an abundance of GA gates, and those are pilot choice, just make sure to arrive around 1600Z

Gate Assignments

Gate/Pilot/Route/Departure time
Gate Pilot Route Departure time
Gate 1
Gate 2 @Captain-787 KMSP-KICT 1410Z
Gate 3
Gate 4 @Jacob_Layton KSTL-KICT1440Z
Gate 5 @ORD777flyer KSTL-KICT 1440Z
Gate 6
Gate 7
Gate 8
Gate 9
Gate 10 @Canadian_Aviator KDEN-KICT 1455Z
Gate 11 @ran KSEA-KICT 1215Z


Gate Pilot Route Departure Time
Ramp 2 Pilot Choice
Ramp 3 Pilot Choice
Ramp 3A Pilot choice
Ramp 5 Pilot choice
Ramp 6 Pilot choice

Arrival procedures
KICT has no STAR’s, so just be aware of other aircraft when arriving.
Landing runway is 19R/1L or 19L/1R (parallel approaches are allowed. 14/32 is NEVER used for commercial aircraft due to it only being 6000 feet long, as well as no precision approach (it also intersects 19R and 19L, so not practical as it would slow down traffic)
Once you have landed, exit runway as soon as possible to prevent go-arounds.
Taxi to your gate and please do not despawn, I would like to get a group picture 🙂

Just reply with your gate choice and I’ll add you when I can!


I’ll take a Southwest 737-700 from STL please

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Great event!
Please sign me up for this gate, thanks :)

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you have both been signed up @ran @ORD777flyer 🙂

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I’ll take gate 2 with the CRJ from KMSP :)

Can I take this?

@Canadian_Aviator @Captain-787 you have both been added! Thanks!


Gate 9 please KDEN-KICT United 738.

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you have been signed up!

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You put it as 1700309 i am 1700302.

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fixed it now 🙂👍

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very interesting event :)

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Thanks! Hope you will consider a gate :)

Cargo gates have been properly set up!

I’ll fly in from KSTL with the -700!

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you have been added, thanks!

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Thank you! Rarely see fly-ins anymore

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Please take me off the sign up list.

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ok, no problem! Thanks for letting me know 🙂

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Plenty of gates still left! Let me know if you want a gate or have an idea for a pilots choice 🙂