Cancellation: Tanker Support

CANCELLED. NOTAM (3) "TANKER SUPPORT. (Playground Skill Exercise)

GENERAL: SoCal Region, A KC-17 (Call Sign: TEXICO) will be on station to refuel all TACTICAL OR AERIAL REFUELING CAPABLE AIRCRAFT on of the following RACE TRACK PATTERN; (WAY POINT/FIX) TRACK:

       TRACK FIX: High Desert, NorthEast of Palm Spring (KPSP).  Track:

       ✈~~    5CA4 - 22209 - AKIPE - 5CA4 ~~✈

TRACK: Left Pattern, FL12O +- , AIR SPEED 200kt

JOIN UP: 1 mile off track in staggered echelon orbit: Approach refuel station from the LEFT Upon Stable Arrival W/I 5 mile of Track , Standard Pattern LEFT ENTRY to Tanker Trail position on Long Legs only.


NOTE: FUELING STATION: “When stable; 200’ Astern 200’ below refueled for minimum 3 minutes then Right Brake Away”!

RACE TRACK DESIGNATED " MILITARY EXERCISE RESTRICTED AREA"- Observers/Photo’s Encouraged, Orbit at least TWO (2) Nautical Miles off track.
(Pls Post Photo’s in Mission Report following mission completion).

image29 Palms EAF (KNXP)

REMARKS: "Receivers SHALL Automatically Brake Off and Depart the Restricted Area if unable to establish a stable refuel position after Three (3) plug tries as noted above or if more the Three (3) Overspeed/Air Space Violations are Accumulated during any segment of this event. Failures to Tank are encouraged to Rejoin Echelon Q.

NOTE: CANCELED… Mad Max (善悪) Sends END


Event Cancelled due to personal schedule conflict. Watch for reschedule in November. Max Sends

Looked like a fun mission! Occ fly a MRTT Voyager ( A330 in Generic livery) in London Region using the North Sea Tanker Lines for ATR practice.

@David_Lockwood… Be interested in your experiences. Know of the Voyager, have seen film. Looks like a very stable platform. Winter North Sea, flew above and Troop Ship voyage once back in the day. One hell of a boat ride. Regards, Max

the RAF Voyager ( A330 MRTT) is a nice bit of kit, though we ( UK ) should have ordered booms as well as drag hoses for the ATR. The RAAF have the higher spec models!

In IF a base myself from RAF Brize Norton ( EGVN), fly over to the North Sea and do a race track pattern on the lanes at about FL280 ( not sure if that’s too high?) at around 250 kts. However am guessing that’s too high and fast! Real world I am an Oil Tanker Captain where everything happens a lot slower! ( also I carry a cargo of about 90,000 mts!)

@David_Lockwood Thanks for the feedback David. Interesting occupation. I’m a retired Marine. Was a soldier of the sea for period, about 2 yrs sea time up in the Med & Carib. Got smart went Naval Air… Saw the 7 seas from on high. Worldwide service lots of east Asia time lived on Okinawa for 5+ yr. Hope to see you around. Touch base with my UK good Friend BUDDA. We have a chat line. See him on the forum check in I’ll mention him to you today. Regards, Max

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