[CANCELED] United Virtual | Spring Break 2019 @ KORD - 301800ZMAR19


Please join United Virtual as we depart Chicago and head to Cancun which is the top destination for spring break!

Photo Credit:
Pedro Szekely


Server: Expert

Departing Airport: KORD

Arriving Airport: MMUN

Flight Time: 3 hours 15 minutes

Aircraft: United CRJ7, United 738, or United 739

Time (This displays in your time zone): [date=2019-03-30 time=10:00:00 timezone=“America/Los_Angeles”]


All pilots should behave in a professional and realistic matter. This events goal is to provide a fun and professional environment to celebrate the many years of flight service that United has provided.

Event Etiquette For Pilots Tutorials

What is Proper Event Etiquette? Events, we all know and love events here on the IFC. They are a fun and entertaining way toget to know your fellow Aviation Enthusiasts through the art of flight sims! But sometimes events don’t always go smoothly for everybody. I thought I would discuss proper event etiquette for those of you who are new to the IFC or want to know the best way to proceed yourself in a kind and professional manner. Rule #1 Always be patient. Huge events such as flyouts and FN…


When requesting to join the event, please include the following information:

(Gate Preference) (Callsign) (Aircraft)

Please only use United callsigns

Gates Information:

B01-B24 **Reserved for UVA**

B01 - @Jshnlsn [UVAL034] CRJ7
B02 - @Ian_Mckillop [UVAL003] 739
B03 - @Captain.Dez [UVAL048] 739
B04 - @Planes4life [UVAL021] 739
B05 -
B06 - @mogbog [UVAL024] 739
B07 -
B08 -
B09 -
B10 -
B11 -
B12 -
B13 -
B14 -
B15 - @Matt777 [UVAL044] 738
B16 - @757fan [UVAL027] 739
B17 - @harmyd [UVAL004] 739
B18 - @Albatross_Prince [UVAL] CRJ7
B19 -
B20 -
B21 -
B22 -
B23 - United Express
B24 - United Express


C01 - United Express
C02 - United Express
C03 - United Express
C04 - United Express
C05 - United Express
C06 - United Express
C07 - United Express
C08 - United Express
C09 -
C10 -
C11 -
C12 -
C13 -
C14 -
C15 -
C16 -
C17 -
C18 -
C19 -
C20 -
C21 -
C22 -
C23 -
C24 -
C25 -
C26 -
C27 -
C28 -
C29 -
C30 -
C31 -

Photo source: Airport Terminal Maps


We are always looking for pilots to join our amazing VA. Interested? Apply here!


Established December 5, 2017

A special thanks to all of our staff that make this possible: @Jshnlsn, @Patrick_Gallagher, @Matt737, @Ian_Mckillop, @777-300ER, @GHOST_Heavy, @harmyd, and @Planes4life.


Dang I would love to join but I’m already hosting an event…😢

I would’ve loved to attend but the event conflicts with this one

If anything changes I’ll make sure to join

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I’ll take B15 UVAL044 738

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Could I take B16 as UVAL027 in a B739?

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Put me down for B01 - UVAL034 - CRJ7

Great Work! @harmyd

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@Matt777 @757fan @Jshnlsn Thank you! Gates assigned :)

@Jshnlsn Thank you!

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@den.aviation @JeromeJ No worries. Hoping you can join our next event!

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B02. Nonstop to Cancun 739 UVAL003🤙🏼

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@Ian_Mckillop You got it! Can’t wait to enjoy the sandy beaches!

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Hi. I wish I could join this United VA event, however it is then that I will be leaving for AMS via IAD from my home airport SFO. So I hope you all enjoy the event and I’m sorry I’m unable to attend. Happy Flying :)

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You accidentally wrote be down as UVAL034 and a CRJ7, so could you switch it to UVAL027 and a 739 (no worries though).


Cant wait!! B3 UVAL048 B739


You don’t want to be me!?

I wish I could but there is room for only one :(

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Opps! Should now be corrected, I hope.

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I’ll take B04 with the 739, UVAL021. Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for joining us!

Could I take gate B06? I’ll fly a 739. UVAL024

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@mogbog You got it! Thanks for joining this event :)