[Canceled] TV Broadcasting! 777-200F TNT Livery @ KLAX - 201900ZMAR16

Description: We will be flying from KLAX-KPSP in a TNT livery! We will be “broadcasting a TV show” on a plane!
Cruising Altitude: 14,000 feet.
Cruising speed: 350 Knots.
Parking spots @ KLAX: FedEx ramps.
Server: Advanced Server 1 ATC (for the sake of no traffic)
Date: March
Time: 3:00pm est
Thank you!
-Another event from JakeFlorida_0432!
Sorry everyone. I have to cancel ):
I will remake it sometime in the future (:


Is this an event?

What do you mean broadcasting a TV show?

yes Benny! And hi! (im waiting for someone to move this to events)

@AR_AR TNT is a channel on TV

Ok well first of all the format is wrong but ill fix it for you :)

@Benny87654321 thank you!

@Benny87654321 can you move this to events?

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Yeah but TNT airways isn’t a TV channel lol.


@AR_AR I know that

Yeah hold on. I’m just fixing the title

thank you benny

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Ok done. I’ll try to come :)

thank you! can you be ATC again and can u fly on advanced server?

And, can you move this to the events section?

Uhhhh sadly I’m not advanced atc (yet) but yes I’m grade 4 so I can fly with you guys this time

Already have

@Benny87654321 put the title as 3pm Zulu, you have put 3pm EST in the description, which time do you mean? All times should be in Zulu time only :)

@Benny87654321 aww thats too bad. You were a great ATC. And it does not say it is in the events section

I did lol. It’s 1500z in est (like he requested)