(Canceled)Trainee/learners 1600Z-1700Z @KDEN 121600ZAPR20

Summary: This is an event for the pilots, who don’t feel that they know what their doing. Pilots who are iffy about ATC or don’t feel that they are following the right rules. If you are a training server pilot who wants to get some more landings or hours in this is a good event for you as I will be controlling ATC on Tower and Ground. @anon71974898 will be on Approach & Departure

Server: training server

Airport: KDEN

Time: 1600Z-1700Z

Sources for both photos

[spoiler]Denver Airport Conspiracy Theories
@Chicago_Aviator 787 pattern work

This is a learning event, ATC will be active please follow all instructions.

  • If you plan on coming please let me know with your plane and intended destination.
  • If you plan on landing at KDEN during this time please let me know your plane and route
    Thanks and happy flighting

I don’t want to fly but I would like to help you with atc if you want help

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Yeah same I can help with ATC if need be

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since I am on Tower and ground, I have already asked Some one To Do Approach and Departure, but I would love help w/ The pilots on the ground, giving them Tips

Ok I will I will fly pattern work in a delta 787-8 and help pilots

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Hey this event is being canceled because of the lack of attendees. Thanks and sorry

Mods this can be closed if you want to close this

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